Anton van Dalen returns to P.P.O.W Gallery

21 March 2019 — 20 April 2019
535 West 22nd Street, New York, NY, United States New York City

Artist Anton van Dalen returns to the P.P.O.W Gallery on March 21st with an exhibit named Junk Kulture. This exhibition will chronicle a lifelong visual investigation informed by the influences of war, religion, migration, a devotion to nature, and a dedication to documenting the technological and cultural evolutions within our society.

On April 11 Van Dalen and Tom Otterness will hold a dialogue at P.P.O.W Gallery. In conjunction with his current solo exhibition, Junk Kulture, van Dalen will engage Otterness in a discussion of artistic practices, public art and art as a catalyst for creative exchange and community building.