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Architecture & Design Film Festival: House of Adaptation

@ Poster for the film 'House of Adaptation' by Onur Can Tepe and Marcel IJzerman. Mark Seelen en Lisa Brustolin (design)

Thu, Oct 12 - Sat, Oct 14  2023

Village East by Angelika - New York Consulate Region

House of Adaptation, a film by Onur Can Tepe, will be screened at the Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York City. The film will be screened on October 12 (6:30PM) & October 14 (5:30PM) at Village East by Angelika.

House of Adaptation takes the viewers on a journey through the minds of the people that gave life to a climate-adaptive building. The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an NGO that was looking for a place for their headquarters, so the city of Rotterdam proposed a donation– a building that will float with rising sea levels. The film captures the primary stakeholders including politicians, designers, and builders.