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8 Dutch Shorts Screened at Palm Springs Short Fest

Mind My Mind – Floor Adams

Tue, Jun 18 - Mon, Jun 24  2019

Camelot Theatres - San Francisco Consulate Region

8 Dutch Shorts will be screened at this year’s Palm Springs Short Fest. The festival has divided all shorts in different theme days.


‘Man Up’ Theme:

One of the Boys‘ is part of this theme. At korfball practice, a timid young teenager finds himself forced to show his true colors after witnessing his fellow male players’ locker room banter take a cruel turn at the expense of the most popular girl on their team. The short will have its North American premiere at the festival.

June 22 | 5 PM | Buy Tickets here.


‘Same Planet, Different Worlds’ Theme:

Dutch short Mind My Mind will screen at Palm Springs Shortfest. Mind My Mind is a film about how having a brain that is wired differently affects your social life, and particularly your love life. Flirting, sex and romantic relationships are very challenging for people with autism, as they are associated with thousands of unwritten rules and exceptions. The idea for this film is a result of the director’s professional and personal experiences with people with different forms of autism.

June 19 | 10 AM | Buy tickets here.

‘Far from Home’ Theme:

The Dutch ‘Bear with Me‘ is a short animated documentary on immigrants who left their home and crossed borders for love. It will have its North American premiere at the festival.

June 19 | 12:45 PM | Buy tickets here.

‘More Than Meets the Eye’ Theme:

Seeds of Deceit‘ will be screened as part of this theme. In a shocking breach of trust and ethics, famed Dutch fertility doctor Jan Karbaat inseminated dozens of unsuspecting patients with his own sperm. Seeds of Deceit considers the resulting anger, sadness and curiosity through the testimony of two mothers and their children.

June 18 | 4 PM | Buy tickets here.

‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ Theme:

Snor‘ will have its North American premiere at the Palm Springs Short Fest. In an urban neighborhood overcome by rapid gentrification, recently widowed Harry is having a hard time adapting. Scrambling to protect his traditional way of life, Harry spearheads a protest committee in this quirky and relatable tale.

June 21 | 6:00 PM | Buy tickets here.

‘Gay!La: Everything Under the Rainbow’ Theme:

Dutch short ‘Something About Alex‘ will be screened. A 14-year-old boy develops a close friendship with his older sister’s boyfriend and must confront the depth of his feelings when the couple announces that they will be moving away.

June 20| 4:00 PM | Buy tickets here.

‘Growing Pains’ Theme:

‘Spark’ is part of this theme. Best friends Emma and Julia spend their summer on a campsite. When a group of older boys arrives, Emma gets a front row seat to Julia’s playful exploration of her sexuality while she is confronted with her own confounding feelings.

June 20| 1:30 PM | Buy tickets here.

‘Wild at Heart’ Theme:

‘Yulia & Juliet’ will be screened this year. In this contemporary love story, based on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, two teenage girls find love in a juvenile detention center.

June 22 | 4:30 PM | Buy tickets here.

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