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Adele Renault solo exhibition at Havas Chicago

From 6 until 27 November, 2015, Netherlands-based artist Adele Renault has a solo exhibition at Havas ANNEX in Chicago.

Fri, Nov 6 - Tue, Oct 27  2015

Havas Worldwide Chicago

From 6 until 27 November, 2015, Netherlands-based Belgian artist Adele Renault has a solo exhibition at Havas ANNEX Chicago.

Camp, 4 months, 2014


Adele Renault is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of everyday objects and subjects and observes closely those things and people that are often not considered worthy of a second look. She paints portraits of the elderly and the homeless, but she is probably best known for her fascination with pigeons. With her new exhibition “#CAMPTHEPIGEON” this fascination finds a new contemporary dimension as it was born out of social media platform Instagram. While browsing through the popular application, Renault accidentally stumbled onto an account of a pigeon called Camp. The description of the account was as follows: “High-class Chicago pigeon. Discarded as an egg by window installers who destroyed the nest, then found by an unexpecting couple.” Renault was immediately intrigued and became an avid follower of @campthepigeon, and, over time, became friends with Camp’s surrogate parents.

The exhibition “#CAMPTHEPIGEON” consist of a series of portraits of Camp the Pigeon in a human, urban environment. On Instagram he can be seen standing on the edge of a laptop screen, taking a bath in the kitchen sink, or chilling on a dog’s head. Camp embodies what Renault has always found fascinating in street pigeons; their similarities with humans in the way that they have striking attitude, and their ability to flourish in an urban environment.

Adele Renault is available for interviews. For pictures and other requests please email:

Camp, 23 Days, 2014. 

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