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Algorithmic Perfumery by ScentTronix NYFW and Pop-Up Store in New York

Algorithmic Perfumery, image by Sandra LaRochelle

Fri, Feb 7 - Thu, May 7  2020

Various Locations

Algorithmic Perfumery, a highly-personalized custom perfume experience created by US- and Netherlands based technology company ScenTronix, is coming to New York! On February 7th, the experience will be showcased at the Ace Hotel New York during NY Fashion Week.

Founder of ScenTronix, Frederick Deurinck explained “what we offer is, at its most simple, a platform for people to co-create their own perfume. We hope that this interactive, playful experience will allow them to discover and enjoy new aspects of themselves, and a new outlet for their imagination.”

The purpose of this venture is to create the final step towards making perfumery a true people’s medium. Although the accessibility of perfume has been making great strides in recent years, the core question remains: how do everyday consumers gain customized experiences without access to perfumers, materials or production capabilities? Algorithmic Perfumery provides the next development in the movement towards access, by offering hyper-personalization, immediate production, and accessible prices.

In partnership with IFF and IFF-LMR, the system makes use of an exclusive palette of raw materials, including state of the art molecules and stunning naturals. Visitors to Algorithmic Perfumery are invited to fill a brief survey. A futuristic sensory machine then creates variations of their scent, while they watch. They are then invited to evaluate the perfume trials, make creative decisions, and – if they choose – produce a final version.

After the premiere of Algorithmic Perfumery during NYFW, they will open a pop-up store in New York (location TBA) for a three-month period.

Algorithmic Perfumery, image by Boet Hehuat

About Algorithmic Perfumery

Algorithmic Perfumery’s mission is to lead a technological revolution that places our clients at the heart of the scent creation process. They wish to empower people in becoming agents of their own aromatic experiences, thereby revisiting the rules of the fragrance industry. They use artificial intelligence to facilitate the idea of play and bring rapid experimentation prototyping into the realm of retail.

About ScenTronix

With its unique position at the crossroads of technology, art and story-telling, ScenTronix aims to empower people through their senses. Since the end of 2018, the company has been showcasing its scent experience – Algorithmic Perfumery™ – around the world, earning international accolades (Art and Olfaction Septimus Piesse Visionary Award in May 2019, Sheffield Docfest Alternative Realities Audience Award in June 2019). ScenTronix is founded by technologist and filmmaker Frederik Duerinck, and is based in the Netherlands and the United States.

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