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Allard van Hoorn performance at the Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival

On February 7, Dutch artist Allard van Hoorn collaborates with Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls for a performance at the Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival

Sat, Feb 7 - Sat, Feb 7  2015

Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival - Washington Embassy Region

At the Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts (PRAVA) Festival on Saturday, February 7th, Netherlands based sound-, installation- and performance artist Allard van Hoorn will collaborate with Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls to turn an empty office floor into a choreographed roller arena. Van Hoorn will create live, electronic music by recording and remixing the sounds of the girls’ skating around and through the audience. Scott Dolphin has designed highly reflective costumes made from traffic material which will augment the “lightning” overhead. This multi-person, real-time, collaborative performance will transform the building from a stationary office building to a building in motion. By repurposing the architecture, van Hoorn visually and acoustically calls into question our perceptions of the spaces we inhabit. Come see the results of their collaboration on Saturday, February 7th at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM at The Pike & Rose Neighborhood – 11810 Grand Park Ave, North Bethesda, MD.

About Allard van Hoorn

Allard van Hoorn was born on February 29th 1968 in Leiden, the Netherlands. He  is a performance, sound, and installation artist who creates work that examines our relationship with urban landscapes and our systems of classification. He visually and acoustically translates the built environment and nature to call to question our preconceived notions and perceptions of the spaces we inhabit. (Newlin Tillotson)

He has been and will be shown at institutions and events like the biennales of Istanbul (Art – 2013), Gwangju (Design – 2011), Shenzhen (Urbanism and Architecture – 2013), ISCP Open Studios November 2014, Art Rotterdam 2014 as Focused Artist, Blaffer art Museum – Houston, Rothko Chapel – Houston, Centro Centro – Madrid, MaCRO – Rosario, Rosenthal CAC – Cincinnati, de Appel arts centre – Amsterdam, Storefront for Art and Architecture – NYC, Stedelijk Museum – Amsterdam, Pinakothek der Moderne – Munich, Gasworks – London, the MoCA – Shanghai, Van Abbemuseum – Eindhoven (NL), MAM – Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Open/Invited EV+A – Limerick (Ireland), Botkyrka konsthall – Tumba (Sweden), The Moore Space – Miami, Museo de la Ciudad de México, the German Architectural Centre (DAZ) – Berlin, the Zendai MoMA – Shanghai and CCCB – Barcelona.

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