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Angelle Chang shows JOW Junior at LA Fashion Week.

March 10th, Angelle Chang will debute with ‘JOW Junior by Angelle Chang’ at LA Fashion Week.

Tue, Mar 10 - Tue, Mar 10  2015

March 10th, Angelle Chang will debut with ‘JOW Junior by Angelle Chang’ at LA Fashion Week at the Taglyan Cultural Complex.

After years of a professional modeling career, the Dutch born-Chinese Angelle Chang started her own fashion label, JOW Junior for kids, and soon she will launch ‘Angelle Chang’ for their Parents (ladies and men’s collection).
During New York Fashion Week, February 19th, Chang joined the TDUTCH6 Dutch designers, brought together by A La Karte Management for ‘House of Byfield’, both on the catwalk and as a designer. Her low-crotch pants with striped back-pockets are the brands signature piece of clothing.
JOW Junior is named after the designer’s son, Jowin, born with a left cleft lip. In her designs Chang includes a special message: ‘You may look at me, I’m very trendy and most special!’

In 2013, JOW Junior was chosen to design for queen Maxima and the three Dutch princesses, in 2014, the brand was nominated for the German CFC Young Star Award 2014 and the English Best Emerging Junior Fashion Brand, Junior Design Awards.


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