Annelies Planteydt and Philip Sajet exhibitions at Ornamentum Gallery

3 September 2022 — 2 October 2022
506 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534, Verenigde Staten Hudson (NY)

Ornamentum is thrilled to present the work of three renowned jewelry artists; Beate Klockmann (Germany), Annelies Planteydt (NL) & Philip Sajet (NL).  The presentations offer three distinct views of adornment / expression within one exhibition space: Spikes by Beate Klockman, Beautiful City – New Rooms by Annelies Planteydt, and Baroque and Roll by Philip Sajet.

Beate Klockmann, ring, 2022, silver, ruthenium- plated. Courtesy of Ornamentum Gallery and the artist

German artist Beate Klockman’s second exhibition with Ornamentum features a striking group of rings and one bracelet. Klockmann presses sheet wax into pyramid relief forms which she then combines and arranges in various manners.

Some time ago I started to make bigger ring sculptures of thin metal-sheet. I was looking for something to bring the pieces to life and I remembered one of the first pieces I made in art school around 1999. After I trained as a Glassblower, I made a hollow cube from metal and a glass bowl.  My idea was to let both forms grow together. I cut the edges of the cube and made holes in the middle of the 6 sides.  I pulled the glass pieces out the holes in the direction of the cube’s eight corners. As a result the forms fit together and are visually softer.
My new jewelry series is structured with the same dynamic spike-forms I remember from the blown glass. For me these are In-Between-Forms. One can interpret the dynamic surfaces in the positive or negative. There is a quality in the pieces which I see in nature, around me everywhere. –BK

Annelies Plantyedt, Beautiful City – New Rooms – Scarlett Staircase, 2022, necklace, gold, tantalum, pigments shown in three phases. Courtesy of Ornamentum Gallery and the artist

Dutch Jeweler Annelies Planteydt‘s works often reflect on architecture, but not necessarily of living or working structures, although these are often referenced. The works investigate the organization of everyday life through line, repletion, form. The works can be viewed in distinct phases- the first, a geometrically organized drawing paying homage to the details that stick  in the artist’s mind. The second phase happens when you pick the piece up from the viewing surface and it collapses into itself in a semi-fluid form.  The order of the drawing is disrupted, yet there is a beautiful new organization within the movement.  And the third, on the body you can reposition the necklace and the structures shift- the details referenced in the drawing phase are obscured yet never out of sight or mind.
Accompanying the  New Rooms necklaces are two pieces stemming from a different series titled Album.   The two necklaces are exhibited together with their counterparts- a small cosmetic mirror and a book of poems by Dutch poet Vasalis, open to a specific page featuring the poem “Time”.

Philip Sajet, Flat White Stone, ring, silver, rubies, gold. Courtesy of Ornamentum Gallery and the artist

A Dutch jeweler who never ceases to surprise, Philip Sajet’s work covers a broad spectrum of themes and styles, from classic to the profane, Sajet sets gemstones in delicate goldwork in one piece while aggressively employing shards of glass in another.  The iconic gemstone silhouette punctuates Sajet’s work, in bold, exaggerated form, constructed in blackened metal or cut from raw stone, compositionally quoting a medieval prison restraint.  It is an oft revisited image, but always to new effect. Sajet may choose to illustrate recognizable body parts in metal, such as the ear, the nose and the lips. And then there are NSFW rings titled “Wedding Night”, all featured in this exhibition.  It’s hard to define what Sajet’s style is with one word.  His catalog of almost 40 years is so vast and diverse… yet whether made of gold, paper, glass gemstones, enamel or raw iron, there is a common thread recognizable in all his works, a manic passion, and an irreverent chaos encapsulated in restrained metalwork. Baroque and Roll is Sajet’s 6th exhibition with Ornamentum.