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Arch8 Dance Company with TETRISplus

Arch8 performs TETRIS on April 25 and 26 in The Kennedy Center

Sat, Apr 25 - Sun, Apr 26  2015

The Kennedy Center

About Arch8

This isn’t an everyday dance company. Arch8 views theatrical traditions as a resource, using them to create new forms. Then they share these new forms in public space, architectural space, and theatrical space.

There is a high degree of interactivity in the work. Arch8 consistently encourages an active viewing, a participatory imagining on the part of the public. With its innovative approach, the company has performed around the globe, including St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Cairo, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Senegal, and throughout Europe. The company has also made collaborative performances with local artists in Benin, Senegal, Alexandria, Cairo, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Utrecht, the Hague, Maastricht, and Hasselt.

If you were to ask Arch8’s choreographer Erik Kaiel how to spell “dance,” his answer would surely include four c’s. That’s because all of Kaiel’s physically demanding and theatrical dance works can be summed up in four words: connection, cooperation, communication, and creativity. Many call Kaiel’s dances “body projects.” His dancers work together as a unit or team, constantly changing form and depending on each other. Movements look like puzzle pieces connecting together and coming apart. This takes physical and mental cooperation. For example, dancers are
asked to communicate their ideas and creatively contribute to the development process.

On April 25 and 26 Arch8 will perform Tetris in the Kennedy Center in Washington. 


Inspired by the game Tetris the dancers dance with the walls, the hall. This extremely physical dance quartet explores how we connect with one another, building a private language to communicate, and then invite others to enter into our world. The village will come alive.
It is for the kids who can’t sit still, for the ones who like to climb the walls, and those who can imagine further than they can see.

Tetris has been touring Europe for a few years to enthusiastic response.

Age: 6+ here

Erik Kaiel realized this production with´De Dansers´.
Choreografie: Erik Kaiel
Dance/music: Stephan Bikker,
Noemi Wagner, Blazej Jasinski,
Josephine van Rheenen, Melanie Weijters

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