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Archi-Tectonics and SO-IL Participate In Sharing Models: Manhattanisms

From July 15th until September 2nd: the exhibition Sharing Models: Manhattanisms is held at Storefront.

Thu, Jul 14 - Fri, Sep 2  2016

From July 15th until September 2nd: the exhibition Sharing Models: Manhattanisms is held at Storefront for Art and Architecture. The architectural company Archi-Tectonics, founded by Winka Dubbeldam, and SO-IL are taking part in this group exhibition. The show will exhibit 30 models by 30 international architects that represent various ways of reading, understanding, and analyzing the collective assets of urban life.

About Sharing Models: Manhattanisms

Text below retrieved from the Storefront for Art and Architecture website.

”We are experiencing the emergence of a culture that is marked by a return to, redefinition, and expansion of the notion of the commons. The increasing complexity and interconnectedness of globalization is reorienting us away from trends that have emphasized individuation and singular development, and toward new forms of collectivity. Over the last decade, emerging technologies and economies have affected aspects of our everyday life, from the way we work and travel, to how we think about shelter and social engagement. How will the sharing movement of today affect the way we inhabit and build the cities of tomorrow? Manhattan, one of the most dense and iconic places in the world, has been a laboratory for many visions of urbanism. Sharing Models: Manhattanisms invites 30 international architects to produce models of their own visions for the city’s future. The models, each a section of Manhattan, establish analytical, conceptual, and physical frameworks for inhabiting and constructing urban space and the public sphere. Together, they present a composite figure; a territory that is simultaneously fictional and real, and one that opens a window to new perceptions of the city’s shared assets.”


About Archi-Tectonics

Winka Dubbeldam is the founder of Archi-Tectonics, an architectural company which is an expert in LEED design. They are passionate about the use of smart systems and sustainable materials to create energy efficient, healthy living environments. Great examples of their sustainable designs, are the GW497 Building and the Brewster Carriage House. The GW497 incorporates passive solar energy with highly insulated facades to create the perfect living environment. Further use of recycled and sustainable materials was awarded in 2006 by Metropolis magazine, through the sustainability Award. The 35,000 SF Brewster Carriage House was gut-renovated and designed with a target goal of LEED gold. The project integrates high-performance systems within the recycled shell of the existing building, such as rainwater retention through green roofs, solar hot water heating through vacuum tubes, and soybean based sprayed-foam insulation that significantly increases envelope performance. They re-used discarded building materials, such as hardwood floor beams as window sills and wood walls, creating a modern, warm living space.

About SO-IL

SOIL is an award winning architectural design firm that envisions spaces for culture, learning and innovation. From their offices in New York, SOIL partakes in the production of buildings, interiors, furniture and landscapes around the world. As a collective of diverse thinkers and makers, the office engages with the ever changing social, economic and natural environment through active dialogue that considers context, function, and opportunity. SOIL believes that physical structures have the power to offer a sense of wonder and place. They serve as platforms of exchange, and create generous, sensorial and visceral experiences.

About Storefront Art and Architecture

Founded in 1982, Storefront for Art and Architecture is a nonprofit organization that advances innovative and critical ideas at the intersection of architecture, art, and design. Storefront’s program of exhibitions, events, competitions, publications, and projects provides alternative platforms for dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary, geographic, and ideological boundaries.

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