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Archi-Tectonics & SO-IL Featured at Global Design NYU

From June 12th until 29th, Archi-Tectonics and SO-IL will be featured at Global Design NYU

Tue, Jun 12 - Fri, Jun 29  2018

From June 12th until 29th, Archi-Tectonics (founded by Winka Dubbeldam) and SO-IL will be featured in “COLLAPSE: CLIMATE, CITIES & CULTURE” by Global Design NYU, New York, NY, a group exhibition that focuses on the design community’s response to environmental extremes. The exhibition will be on view at the Gallatin Galleries with an opening reception on June 13th at 6:30 pm.

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Smart Components: Q-Tower Philadelphia

Prefabrication in architecture is now system-based rather than assembly-based, as individual building elements are custom-manufactured, specific for use and performance. The Q Tower is a 24-unit “smart” tower in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. The building includes fully integrated sensors and systems that react to the demands of its inhabitants. In collaboration with Ted Selker of the Context Aware Computing Lab at MIT Media Lab, the Q Tower is designed as an interactive living environment.

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In the façade design, each potential transition is considered before the optimal window subset is chosen and the next decision tree is started. All trees are looping and linked, and are therefore affected by both past and future decisions. The result is an envelope that is able to respond fluidly to both the dynamic programmatic conditions within the building and to itself, re-thinking the relationship of window and façade. The FTF method was developed so that single continuous metal sheets can be shaped by computer-driven equipment according to algorithmically generated geometries, generated in parametric software. This approach permits the structures to be modelled and easily fabricated, translating into reasonable costs.

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Q-Tower is off the grid, using geo-thermal energy, smart lighting, and cooling controls on sensors. The use of local, recycled materials and intelligent appliances further reduces the use of energy and resources.

Architect: Archi-TectonicsWinka Dubbeldam

Design team: Thomas Barry, Pilar Echezarreta, Greg Getman, Vincent Appel, David Barr

Video: Vincent Appel, David Barr, Matthew Halsall, Gregory Martinez Del Riquelme


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“Breathe” is a housing prototype that takes a holistic approach to sustainability, challenging both spatial and material expectations. This compact living environment shines a spotlight on environmental awareness and encourages occupants to confront the tendency to take resources for granted. Instead of a traditional organization with rooms dedicated to specific functions, this house is composed as a loose stack of porous realms. The experimental residence offers a variety of atmospheres and spatial experiences that are generated through the manipulation of light, air and water.

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“Breathe” is an “active ecosystem” and creates a living area for up to three people. A modular metal frame forms the basic structure of Breathe and a flexible, light-permeable outer skin of air-filtering fabric creates the boundary between inside and outside. Light-permeable textile walls separate the individual living areas. This translucency allows people in adjacent spaces to make out silhouettes and movement, creating a feeling of connectedness while also offering a sense of privacy. A total of six potential rooms and a roof garden provide spaces for private and collective domestic experiences. Designed to be disassembled and reinstalled at other locations, the structure is mobile and adaptable. The fabric performs appropriately in a wide array of climates and environmental conditions.

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Breathe was commissioned by MINI Living and constructed at Salone del Mobile (2017) in Milan, Italy.

Design Team: Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou, Ian Ollivier, Isabel Sarasa, Iason Houssein; Fabricator: Xilografia Nuova Srl.


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