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Artwork by Dutch architect Cocky Eek at A×S FESTIVAL 2014

AxS FESTIVAL is presenting the North American premiere of SPHAERAE, a large-scale temporary artwork by Dutch architect Cocky Eek

Fri, Sep 19 - Sun, Oct 5  2014

AxS Festival - location SPHAERAE

A×S FESTIVAL 2014 is presenting the North American premiere of SPHAERAE, a large-scale temporary public artwork by Dutch architect Cocky Eek from September 19 – October 5, 2014


AxS [ak-sis] is a two-week citywide festival produced by the Pasadena Arts Council that explores the nexus of artistic and scientific inquiry, promoting experimentation and cross-fertilization between these disciplines. It is their conviction that the interplay between human curiosity, scientific investigation and artistic risk-taking reflects a cultural zeitgeist that not only defines Pasadena as the City of Art and Science, but also illuminates the richness, diversity, and sheer innovation of human aspiration and achievement in the 21st century.


SPHAERAE is an inflatable pavilion — a component of an ongoing strand of research by Dutch architect Eek into the pneumatology and tactility of inflatables and lightweight spaces. Developed in partnership with Synergetica Lab in Amsterdam and the Artscience Interfaculty program in The Hague, SPHAERAE consists of five semi-transparent bubbles of different sizes, which together form a multi-dome construction designed for immersive, synaesthetic experience.


Eek was inspired to create SPHAERAE by 10,000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid, an audiovisual performance work by Netherlands-based artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand. In 10,000 Peacock Feathers, Domnitch and Gelfand use laser light to scan the surfaces of nucleating and dissipating soap bubble clusters.

SPHAERAE will be on view for the duration of AxS Festival 2014 | CURIOSITY and feature projects including work, as a far-ranging program of sound works, video screenings, and talks by artists including Chris Duncan, Jeff Cain, Mattia Casalegno, Francisco López, Intimatchine, Lucky Dragons, Mike Harding/Touch, Yann Novak, Eric Parren, Paul Prudence, Steve Roden, Jet Smits, Julie Tolentino, Martijn Van Boven, Bas Van Koolwijk, and Virons.

The North American premiere of SPHAERAE is made possible in part by the Mondriaan Fund and GuestHaus Residency.

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