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Atlanta Design Festival: Marije Vogelzang

@ Courtesy of Atlanta Design Festival

Sat, Oct 21 - Sun, Oct 22  2023

Marije Vogelzang, an eating designer, curator, and lecturer who explores the possibilities of food and design, will present a unique food workshop experience that explores taste and color, followed by a talk and book-signing of her new book ‘LICK IT’ at the Atlanta Design Festival. Vogelzang will give present these workshops on October 21 and October 22. Her book-signing will be on October 21 from 5:30 pm.

She will be sharing her “Color Tasting” workshop with Atlanta Design Festival attendees. How can designers work with food and the act of eating in a meaningful way? And do we really need designers involved with food in the first place? How does food have agency and influences the profession of design? If food could speak, what would it tell you? An interactive journey through your mouth, your mind and the world around.