BAMkids Festival screens four Dutch short films

4 February 2023 — 12 February 2023
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

The BAMkids Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music will screen four short films from the Netherlands: The Ordinary; Luce and the Rock; Julian & The Turtles in the Plastic Soup; and the Dentist episode of SWOP) in its annual children’s arts festival.

Find the schedule and tickets here.

Julieta & Turtles in Plastic Soup, directed by Mirjam Marks

The wonderful world of the ocean feels like home to 14-year-old Julieta, but the amount of plastic pollution makes her extremely mad. Staying positive and believing that you can create a better world is a difficult task.

Still from Julieta & Turtles in Plastic Soup, directed by Mirjam Marks, courtesy of Tangerine Tree

The Ordinary, directed by Rutger van de Wiel

The rainforest is an unimaginably wonderful place. Leaving it the way it has been for thousands of years means saving biodiversity and ourselves in the process.

Still from The Ordinary

Luce and the Rock, directed by Britt Raes

The quiet life on a small island ends when a monstrous rock separates itself from the mountain. Only Luce finds the courage to accompany the monster home. With geometric shapes and clear colors, this animation tells of finding a home and feeling at home.

Still from Luce and the Rock

The Dentist episode of SWOP, Dir. Job, Joris & Marieke

Sef doesn’t want to go to the dentist so he tricks Wesley into swapping heads with him. Wesley has no choice but to go through with Sef’s dental treatment. Fortunately, the pain is soothed by the present he gets from Sef’s parents as consolation.

Still from SWOP