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Belmont World Family Film Festival screens 3 Dutch films

Pim and Pom in the Big City

Sat, Jan 14 - Mon, Jan 16  2023

New Weston Cinema - Washington Embassy Region

The 19th annual Belmont Family Film Festival will screen 3 Dutch children’s films and co-productions. Film titles include Oink, Lucy Goes Gangsta, and Pim and Pom in The Big City.

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January 14, 11:45
Directed by Mascha Halberstad

When her vegetarian mum refuses a dog, 9 year-old Babs is delighted
with a piglet birthday gift from her long-lost American grandfather.
Irresistibly cute, Oink proceeds to break all household rules,
unleashing copious poop and mayhem, but Babs is determined to keep
him, encouraged by Grandad, who secretly has an eye on the local sausage

Lucy Goes Gangsta

January 15 – 12 PM
Directed by Till Endemann
North American premiere

When the ice-cream machine from her parents’ gelato
shop breaks down, the otherwise kind, well-behaved,
and studious 10 year-old Lucy decides she needs
money to buy a new one, in order to save her family’s
business. Coached by the school’s bad boy, they
quickly develop a plan, code-named “Operation
Lucyfer,” in this madcap and mouthwatering

Pim and Pom in The Big City

January 16, 12 PM – You’ve Got a Friend Shorts Program

The famous Dutch cats Pim and Pom use a Piet Mondrian painting as a
map in order to find and climb the highest building in New York.

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