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Belmont World Film Festival

@ Still from 'OkThanksBye', courtesy of Belmont World Film Festival

Sat, Jan 13 - Sun, Jan 21  2024

Belmont World Film Family Festival will take place between January 13 - 21 in Boston. This time, three Dutch children's films will be screened!

Sea Sparkle 

Apple Cinemas, Cambridge, MA | January 13, 3:00 PM

Twelve-year-old Lena loves the ocean, but when her North Sea fisherman father goes missing with his crew, she starts looking for a cause, convinced that some sort of sea creature is to blame. With the help of some friends she starts a high-stakes search to find it to absolve her father of any wrongdoing. The opening film and the winner of two awards at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival!



West Newton Cinema, Newton, MA | January 14, 3:00 PM

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA | January 15, 3:00 PM

When shy, 12-year-old Jamie moves to a boarding school for the deaf, she is reluctant to make new friends. When her grandmother—who is the only other deaf family member—falls sick and her parents take off for Paris to visit her, Jamie and her bold classmate Imane set off on an unexpected road trip from Rotterdam to Paris. Although things do not go as planned and the trip takes an adventurous turn, the obstacles and special encounters turn the experience into a journey to remember.



Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA | January 21, 3:30 PM

Ama, the daughter of Senegalese asylum seekers, was born and raised in The Netherlands and feels completely Dutch. When she sees her mother and brother get arrested, she sets off in search of her father through Rotterdam in the middle of winter, hoping to avoid deportation. During this frightening and exciting journey, she discovers her roots, thanks in part to her best friend and an extraordinary totem animal: a gigantic porcupine.