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Ben van Berkel participates in | “In Pursuit of Architecture” conference

Ben van Berkel of UN Studio participates in the “In Pursuit of Architecture,” a conference at MoMA to mark Log magazine’s 10th anniversary and 29th issue.

Sat, Sep 21 - Sat, Sep 21  2013

On Saturday, September 21, 10am-5pm Log magazine presents In Pursuit of Architecture, a conference featuring recent built work selected from an open, international call for submissions. It marks the magazine’s 10th anniversary and 29th issue. Join architects and critics for a daylong discussion of architectural ideas, what it takes to build them, and how we measure the cultural value of architecture. UNStudio partner Ben van Berkel will unravel the interwoven layers of an endless double helix that defines the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Other participanting architects are Freek Persyn of 51N4E, Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger of Barkow Leibinger, Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini of C+S Architectects, Umberto Napolitano of LAN (Local Architecture Network), Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample of MOS, Neil Denari of Neil M. Denari Architects, Kersten Geers of Office Kersten Geers David van Severen, Preston Scott Cohen, and Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto of Reiser + Umemoto. Participating critis are Sam Jacob, Sylvia Lavin, Emmanuel Petit, and Sarah Whiting.

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