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Benny Sings 1st Dutch Artist on NPR Tiny Desk

January 15, Benny Sings’ NPR Tiny Desk Concert will be released online. Benny is 1st Dutch artist featured on Tiny Desk.

Fri, Jan 15 - Fri, Jan 15  2016

January 15, Benny Sings’ NPR Tiny Desk Concert will be released online. Benny is the first ever Dutch artist to be featured on the Tiny Desk Concerts

Benny Sings

Benny Sings’ music is a combination of hip-hop, jazz, and soul. His first album came out in 2003 and was well received by press, both at home and abroad. His second and third albums, released in 2005 and 2007 respectively also did well both at home and abroad. As a producer Benny Sings has worked with both national and international artists and makes music for commercials and films. His fifth album, “STUDIO,” was released worldwide on November 27, 2015. End December, a video for one of the singles off of the album, “Shoebox Money,” was released. Check it out here.

About “Studio”

STUDIO is Benny’s 5th studio album. The word ‘STUDIO’ originates from the Latin word ‘studium’, which stands for ‘studying’. The studio is a place where painters, artists, and musicians learn, study, and create. It’s the place where Benny is most comfortable. 

Benny’s Amsterdam based studio has an amazing view of the canals. “STUDIO” is an ode to this place, which he built 4 years ago, and everything it has brought him. Because it brought him more than just the music he produced there. It gave him his place in the world, and with it so many other things. All of this can be heard on his new album. You find him exposing true love, follow his search for a home, he opens up about settling down, and he speaks of breaking through old patterns in which he found himself being stuck for years. 

About NPR Tiny Desk

Since its launch in 2008, more than 500 performances have been recorded at the Tiny Desk, NPR Music host Bob Boilen’s festive workspace adorned with years of music mementos and memorabilia. The series has provided a welcoming stage for artists at all points in their career and from across the genre spectrum. 

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