Book About Dutch Artist Armando Available in US

28 December 2015 — 28 December 2015
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The book “Armando: Between Knowing and Understanding,” published by nai010 publishers is available (in English) in the US. 

“Between Knowing and Understanding”


“Little by little I came to understand that you should not write or paint what you know. You should write or paint what is hidden between knowing and understanding. A hint, a nod is possible, an inkling, no more, and that is already a great deal.” 

The book “Armando: Between Knowing and Understanding” is a monograph dedicated to one of Europe’s most important post war artists. Armando worked for decades on an oeuvre exploring themes of melancholy, power, powerlessness, and the uneasy fusion between beauty and evil. With a selection of more than 250 works and four lavishly illustrated essays, this book presents a broad overview of Armando’s oeuvre. For the first time, the full breadth of a unique, eclectic artistic career spanning six decades is revealed. 

“Armando: Between Knowing and Understanding” was published by nai010 publishers. Order it through their website here, or through Amazon here.


Self-taught painter, conceptual artist, and writer Armando (born Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd, Amsterdam 1929) is considered one of the Netherlands’ most gifted artists. Growing up in the Netherlands during the German occupation and living close to a “transition camp,” Armando was deeply disturbed by the cruelty of the Nazi guards; this experience has influenced much of his work.

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