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Book ‘Infratecture’ Available In The US

‘Infratecture’ by NAi010 Publishers is now available in the US.

Wed, Feb 10 - Wed, Feb 10  2016

The infrastructure of a city forms a tangle of streets, tunnels, routes and lines. But infrastructure can be much more than merely a functional necessity. Infratecture represents the actual integrated design and construction of infrastructure, with the aim of creating added sociological, cultural, ecological and economic value, in addition to being a functional solution for traffic flows. ‘Infratecture‘ shows how with the right mind set, genuine cooperation and sophisticated design, infrastructure can form a significant part of our everyday environment. This is depicted in an inspiring way, from 15 different perspectives, featuring 30 examples of international best practices.

This is a practically-oriented book about designing and building roads, intersections, squares, bridges and viaducts, but also about the design of biotopes, noise barriers, hubs and even speed. Marc Verheijen is a traffic engineer and architect. As a Infratecture lecturer, he is affiliated with the Hogeschool Rotterdam, and also works as an architect for Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam, the city’s department of urban development.

About NAi010 Publishers

‘Infrastructure’ is published by NAi010 Publishers and available HERE. NAi010 Publishers specializes in developing, publishing and distributing books in the fields of architecture, urbanism, art and design. Resulting from the merger of NAi Publishers and 010 Publishers as of July 2012, NAi010 publishers is the largest internationally orientated Dutch publisher in the fields of architecture, art, photography and design.

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