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Book Release “Dutch Interior Design”

In October the book “Dutch Interior Design” by Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock will be released in the US

Wed, Oct 18 - Wed, Oct 18  2017

Citizen M Hotel Times Square - New York Consulate Region

On October 18th, the book “Dutch Interior Design” by Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock will be released in the US. The book will be published by teNeues and can be pre-ordered here.

Book Launch

Stock Interior and CitizenM New York are very honoured to invite you for the book launch of “Dutch Interior Design by Leonie Hendrikse & Jeroen Stock”, published by teNeues. 

  • 6.00 pm – Welcome by Leonie & Jeroen
  • 6.30 pm – Leonie & Jeroen will offer the first copy to Mirko van den Winkel, executive vice president of Moroso USA
  • 7.00 pm – Presentation “Dutch Interior Design, footprint of a seafaring nation, from heritage to sustainability”
  • 8.00 pm – End of book presentation

Location: Hotel Citizen M New York, 218 West 50 Street NY 10019, New York City
Date: Wednesday, October 18th,2017 from 6.00 – 8.00 pm
Dress code: Tenue de Vile
RSVP: Before October 11th, reply to

About the book

Like British pop music, Italian food, and German Cars, Dutch interior design is evolving into a trademark with its own quality seal. Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock are becoming the archetype of this new mastery in design. Under the Stock Interiors label, they fuse the Dutch interior design creed: joyful experimentation unbound by convention with their own unique touch. The imaginative designs created at Stock Interiors center on the idea that memories are the colorful foundation of our lives. Their passion is learning about the homeowner’s personality and memories, and translating them into an interior design that fits like a glove. You will fall in love with the featured homes and apartments that immediately embrace you with a wonderfully homey ambiance. Dutch Interior Design introduces you to the sumptuous designs of Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock with beautiful photography and incisive commentary. Superstar saxophone player and Stock Interiors customer, Candy Dulfer, compares their artistry to her own, saying “Great music is like a jigsaw puzzle: oddly-shaped interlocking pieces form a unique composition. Open this book to discover that the creations of Stock are just like a beautifully-composed song.”

Cover Dutch Interior Design

About Stock Interiors

Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock founded their interior design company in 2005. It all started with just the two of them in a small workshop in Amsterdam, and over the years has grown into a dedicated and hardworking team. With a roster of discerning international clients, Stock Interiors has earned its place in the design world, with an office now located in the beautiful historical Barnaart Building in the heart of Haarlem.

Memories give life its color. With great passion and talent, Leonie Hendrikse and Jeroen Stock, the two creative minds behind Stock Interiors, attempt to elicit the memories of their clients in order to make these memories evident in the interior. People want to keep their fondest memories alive. They want to see their truest selves reflected in the appearance of their homes. That is why Hendrikse and Stock design every interior to be authentic and unique. Whether it’s for a modern bungalow in the Dutch town of Wassenaar with several windows or a house designed by Berlage in The Hague: “We develop a relationship with the residents. In the end, it’s their home. Creating beautiful interiors is only possible through this relationship and by pouring passion into every design. Interiors made with enthusiasm that show who lives here and calls it home,” says Jeroen.

Stock Interiors’ clients include not only individuals but also families looking for a uniform home interior. They include those who value style and color and who like to surround themselves with lovely aesthetics, but who don’t quite trust themselves to pull off the actual design without professional help. “What they’re really looking for is a person they can rely on across the entire spectrum, from the structural aspects to the design itself. For example, they’re looking for someone who can update a protected old building by giving it a modern feel and, of course, while retaining everything that makes it historically significant. But this person must also bring the type of competence to the table that this kind of conversion requires. They want to work with an architect who knows how to turn a sterile office into a cozy family abode. They hope to be challenged by someone who has ideas that they themselves never would have thought of. Ideas that bring some flair to the interior ” says Leonie. In this respect, Stock Interiors is about more than architecture. It also handles interior design, building technology, color consulting, (furniture) design, specialty lighting, construction management, and style—all in one company.

Leonie Hendrikse Jeroen Stock




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