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Caleidoscoop: The Dutch Pavilion celebrates Dutch & international street art during Miami Art Week

Caleidoscoop: The Dutch Pavilion celebrates Dutch & international street art in the Wynwood District during Miami Art Week. Live painting from Nov. 28, opening party on Dec. 6.

Thu, Nov 28 - Sun, Dec 8  2013

250 Wynwood

Mark your calendars for Caleidoscoop: The Dutch Pavilion, a celebration of Dutch street and mural art in a 12,000 sq.ft outdoor space in the Wynwood District during Miami Art Week 2013. Renowned Dutch artists The London Police, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, and Haas&Hahn will be joined by a host of specially invited, globally recognized street and graffiti artists.

Celebration Party // Friday, December 6, 2013 at 7pm
Open to the Public // Friday, December 6–Sunday, December 8, 2013
Mural Installations // from November 28–December 6, 2013

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Or visit the Caleidoscoop website and Caleidoscoop Facebook page for more information. Download the full press kit here:

Project description

An open lot in the heart of Wynwood Arts district that is soon to become the first residential live/work space in Wynwood to break ground since 2006 will play host to artists: The London Police, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman and Haas & Hahn – Favela/Philly painting. Together, assembling an international entourage and collaborative project to muralize this 12,000 square foot outdoor space during December Art Fair week. Historically known for their ability to cooperate and their keen eye for art and design, The Dutch Pavilion will play homage to these traits during a week long live mural painting and installation.

In order to make this event more collaborative and in typical Dutch fashion, the headlining artists will reach out to other globally recognized street and graffiti artists who are in Miami for December Art Fair week and together, the Dutch artists and their invited peers, will transform the lot, and the street facing walls that surround it, into a garden of murals. Mural installation begins on November 28 and concludes in time for the opening event on December 6. A separate tent on the lot will feature original artworks and installations by participating galleries and artists.

Invited international artists (list in formation)

X-O // Max Zorn // Amanda Marie // Anthony Lister // Buff Monster // Joram Roukes // Cash For Your Warhol // RONE // Chad Hasegawa // Spencer Keeton Cunningham, and more to come!

Opening Event

On Friday, December 6, 2013 from 7pm a culmination of the collaborative work of the Dutch artists and their peers will be celebrated during the official unveiling of the murals. In true celebratory form the evening will feature a DJ, libations and an artful-minded community. There will also be a live painting ‘battle’ between some of the best street art and graffiti artists in the game.

About The London Police

One of the world’s most beloved street art duos, the London Police’s unmistakable illustration style is evident. It is hard to deny the joy that this duo brings to the genre and the light hearted nature with which they’ve garnered their global fame is due in equal parts to the genuine good humored nature of their work and their undeniable care and craftsmanship with their gallery works. Exhibited extensively in the U.S., Europe and Asia, The London Police are legends in their own time, and have guaranteed their importance in the street art genre for all time. Beyond that, they are almost universally respected by their peers in a genre notorious for a ‘we eat our own’ mentality, which speaks volumes about their character beyond the wall and canvas.

About Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman

One of the Netherlands most successful and renowned graffiti artists, ‘Shoe’ has created worldwide recognition for his contributions to graffiti culture through his highly recognizable and infinitely imitated ‘Caligraffiti’ style; a term which he both coined and championed through the development of his own personal style of graffiti writing. Forever savvy with regards to partnerships and branding, Shoe has helped transform the perspective of graffiti writers globally by demonstrating that smart alliances with companies and projects in the design, architecture and fashion realms can play an important role in the career of an artist whose original statements were criminal by nature and rooted in the seedy gardens of the urban landscape.

About Haas&Hahn – Favela/Philly painting

The Favela Painting Project started in 2005 when Dutch artists Haas & Hahn had the idea of creating public artworks in favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Not just to beautify, but also to create a dialogue with their surroundings. After several successful projects, the image of a square painted in a design of radiating colors yielded worldwide fame and transformed Rio into ‘one of the world’s 10 most colorful places’, according to CNN. The artists are invited worldwide to teach, to speak about their work, consult cities on community art projects and look at possible locations for future projects. Recently, they successfully raised enough money through an extensive crowd-funding campaign to return to Rio in 2014. There, they hope to plaster and paint hundreds of houses on one of the hillside favelas – creating the largest social artwork ever.

The Project Partners

The promotion and organization of Caleidoscoop is made possible with the efforts of a number of entities. Largely the brainchild of Made Creative, a Dutch nonprofit and Catapult 13, a Miami based design firm, Caleidoscoop has the long term goal of being an annual event in Miami to showcase the extensive art and design talent of the Netherlands.

The inaugural edition of Caleidoscoop is focused on the contributions of street art and graffiti culture from the Netherlands. As such, the projects for the inaugural event are based largely around the transformation of a sprawling lot filled with mural walls in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. This lot, which in 2014 will be transformed into 250 Wynwood, an 11-unit live/work residence and the first residential development to break ground since 2006, provides the perfect backdrop for collaboration and culture. The motivation behind 250 Wynwood of “creating a neighborhood so people can keep creating and growing” pays homage to the theme and spirit of Caleidoscoop and merges a perfect partnership.

Providing artistic and curatorial support, Caleidoscoop is partnering with Kallenbach Gallery, Andenken and Unruly, three of the most respected galleries in the Netherlands.

To assist in making Caleidoscoop a realty, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York is contributing with the specific purpose to produce a “satellite fair” that the Consulate can be exceedingly proud of and to demonstrate the ways in which cultural collaborations and contributions of the Dutch can be made during the highly-profiled December Art Fair week.

Located on the 250 block of NW 24st street, 250 Wynwood is an immaculately-designed, modernist, 11-unit live/work loft condominium. Breaking ground in early 2014, 250 Wynwood is the first residential development since 2006 in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the United States. 250 Wynwood also features a full floor of ground level retail space.

Designed by New York-based architect Laith Sayigh of D-Form-A, 250 Wynwood offers spacious, light-filled one- and two-bedroom residences ranging from 768 to over 2500 square feet. The residences feature 10 ½ foot ceilings, glass exteriors, secure parking and 8’-8” deep private balconies.

Site-specific art installations curated by Miami-based gallerist Anthony Spinello will adorn key parts of the building’s exterior, adding to the cultural campus of the Wynwood neighborhood.

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