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Calendar book “365 + 1 Days” internationally available

The calendar book “365 + 1 Days” about graphic design and typography is internationally available

Wed, Sep 20 - Wed, Sep 20  2017

The calendar book “365 + 1 Days” about graphic design and typography is now internationally available. For information about availability click here

3 May - Courtesy of the artist

365 + 1 Days

"365 + 1 Days" - Courtesy of the artist

Every year you put it on your desk or table and day after day you’ll be amazed by the beautiful design of that date, made by the best of what the Netherlands has to offer concerning graphic design, type design, calligraphy, and illustration. 366 designers and illustrators, 7 printers, 2 binderies, 2 paper manufacturers and 2 cardboard manufacturers collaborated on a unique calendar book that is about to be published.

9 June - Courtesy of Harris Blondman


4 March - Courtesy of the artist

In March 2017 the foundation for Dutch graphic design and typography Stichting Print asked a wide selection of type designers, graphic designers, calligraphers, and illustrators to design a date for this unique calendar book. The rules were simple: a spread measuring 306 x 230 mm, only black-and-white and everything was allowed as long as the date was visible somewhere on the pages. The foundation also asked a paper manufacturer, seven printers, a cardboard manufacturer, a manufacturer of binding materials and two binderies to collaborate on this crazy project.

29 May - Courtesy of Jeska Verstegen

356+1 Designers and 13 companies said yes! The result is a monumental and sometimes explosive, but always surprising anthology of what the Netherlands has to offer at this moment when it comes to graphic design, type design, calligraphy, and illustration. Known and less known designers, young and a little bit older, fresh from school and working for dozens of years and coming from all parts of the country.

12 October - Courtesy of the artist

The book came together completely for free and revenues from the book will be used to organize projects and activities concerning Dutch graphic design and typography for designers, students, and a general public. Besides 366 designers and illustrators many graphic companies participate: 7 printers – NPN Drukkers from Breda, Rob Stolk from Amsterdam, Art Libro – Drukkerij Roelofs from Enschede, ANDO from The Hague, LenoirSchuring from Amsterdam, Drukkerij Tielen from Boxtel and Raddraaier from Amsterdam; 2 binderies – Binderij Abbringh from Groningen and Binderij Patist from Den Dolder; 1 paper manufacturer – Igepa from Tiel; 1 manufacturer of binding materials – Winter & Company from Culemborg and 2 cardboard manufacturers – Koninklijke Moorman Karton from Weesp and Eska from Hoogezand-Sappemeer. The book is designed by Melle Hammer and published by Stichting Print.

 12 November - Courtesy of the artist


8 September - Courtesy of the artist

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