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Carl Doing selected for | residency program | Echo Park Film Center

Australian and Dutch filmmaker Carl Doing has been selected for a residency program at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles.

Thu, Aug 1 - Thu, Oct 31  2013

Echo Park Film Center - San Francisco Consulate Region

The films, performances and installations of Karel Doing (1965, Canberra, Australia) deal with elusive subjects such as music, rhythm, poetry, death, history and memory. He works together with composers, musicians, performers, and dancers. His films relate to the experimental film tradition and beyond. He combines documentary techniques, found footage, and visual story telling resulting in a style of his own. Recurring themes in his work are: the relation between the cinematic image and music, the city as an organism, intercultural dialogue, and motion picture film as a material with a specific expression and vocabulary. He lives and works in London and Rotterdam.

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