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Carlijn Claire Potma in Pajama Factory’s AIR Exhibition

On July 16, Dutch artist Carlijn Claire Potma will be part of Pajama’s Factory’s 2016 AIR exhibition in Williamsport, PA.

Sat, Jul 16 - Sat, Jul 16  2016

The Pajama Factory - New York Consulate Region

On July 16, Dutch artist Carlijn Claire Potma will be part of Pajama’s Factory‘s 2016 Artist-In Residence (AIR) exhibition in Williamsport, PA.  

The Pajama Factory Artists In Residence program is a multidisciplinary program that seeks out artists diverse, both in practices and backgrounds. Ultimately, they seek artists that both would benefit from the already present creative community in and around the Pajama Factory and also add to that community by introducing practices and ideas from the diverse perspectives found around the globe.

Carlijn’s work, which ranges from alternative drawing practices to photography and beyond, has brought an exciting diversity both, obviously, of mediums but also of aesthetic approaches. Her ability to weave narratives that feel both timeless and also extremely relevant had a real impact on the selection committee.

Photo credit: Jim O'Connell.

On the day of the exhibition there will also be a reception from 6 PM to 9 PM. Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event. 

About Carlijn Claire Potma 

Carlijn Claire Potma is an Amsterdam-based artist that works within a wide constellation of disciplines. According to Carlijn herself, her work is “a distillation of my encounters with varied global aesthetic, religious and cultural sensibilities – gathered during my travels, studies in art history, archaeology, yoga and writing – but above all nurtured by an irrepressible sense of curiosity. I’m a heavy dreamer, I do what moves me – guided by that tingly gut feeling or sense of wonder – and believe in breaking boundaries.” She is fascinated by tool of communication and metaphors, in the way in which these are related to reality. She describes herself as a dreamer who is intrigued by sacredness, and who compares inspiration to “inhalation. . . whether you call it chi, ki, mana, prana or the mystical ever moving life force: it is all we essentially need. . . An open state of being, of full absorption into one single thing – symbolic story you wish would never end.”  

Claire studied at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, trained to be a yoga teacher and did an bachelor in art history & archeology, as well as a master in journalism & new media. She was a part of the “Wish You Were Here” group show at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, and presented her “voyeurism series” at the Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2016. Claire also works for selected clients like the Vogue, Subbacultcha, Fairtrade, Mediamonks and the American Book Center. Pajama Factory’s AIR is her first residency. 

About Pajama Factory 

The Pajama Factory is a multi-platform community of people who have come together (in a rejuvenated, historic factory complex located in Williamsport Pennsylvania), to build off of each other’s strengths and dreams in order to create something bigger than themselves. Their goal is to foster a unique work and work/live community by developing a “balanced eco-system” of established and emerging artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, and community groups.

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