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Cecilia Vissers in Group Exhibition at Inde/Jacobs in Marfa, TX

Curve no. 4 by Cecilia Vissers, size: each 12,2 x 61 x 1cm edition: 5 year: 2020 material: hot rolled steel, black patina, wax. Courtesy of the artist.

Fri, Jan 31 - Sat, May 9  2020


The work of Dutch artist Cecilia Vissers will be exhibited in a group exhibtion at Inde/Jacobs in Marfa, Texas from January 31st – May 9th. Over a career spanning more than three decades, Cecilia Vissers has experimented widely with abstract and conceptual art practices. Working variously in metal sculpture, photography and printing techniques, Vissers’ art references to the wild landscapes of Ireland and Scotland. Cees de Boer, freelance curator and art critic, explained in his essay ‘ Side by Side’ (published in Flatness of Space, Lecturis 2017): “From the landscapes Cecilia Vissers loves, she brings in the combination of the weight of matter and the transparency of atmosphere: matter as in the sheer weight of her sculptures, atmosphere as in their shining color. Every proportion, every curve in her work is carefully considered and reconsidered, as repeated hikes through a specific landscape shed new light on it every time.”

In the exhibition Spring 2020, Cecilia Vissers will have 4 new works, ‘curves’, on display, as well as a selection of her metal block prints. Curve No.1 dates from 1998. This work serves as a template, and many subsequent works have been inspired by its proportions.‬ ‬The editions Curve No.3, Curve No.4, Curve No.5 and Curve No.6 will be shown for the first time at inde/Jacobs.


Curve no. 1 by Cecilia Vissers size: 5,9x 61,4 x 0,5cm unique prototype year: 1998 material: hot rolled steel, wax


Curve no. 6 by Cecilia Vissers size: each 12,2 x 61 x 1cm edition: each 5 year: 2020 material: hot rolled steel, black patina, wax


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