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Children of the Light installation at HERO NYC – Rockefeller Center, NYC

@ Children of the Light, Transito (Manhattan Version), 2023. Courtesy of the artists
@ Children of the Light, Transito (Manhattan Version), 2023. Courtesy of the artists
@ Children of the Light, Transito (Manhattan Version), 2023. Courtesy of the artists
@ Children of the Light, Transito (Manhattan Version), 2023. Courtesy of the artists
@ Children of the Light, Transito (Manhattan Version), 2023. Courtesy of the artists

Fri, Nov 24 - Thu, Oct 31  2024

HERO NYC - New York Consulate Region

As of November 24, 2023, Children of the Light, in collaboration with Beyond Space, present "Transito" at Rockefeller Center as part of the immersive experience HERO NYC. The installation will remain on view until November 2024.

The original edition of Transito occupied an astonishing 50-meter-long gallery of the Museum Diocesiano in Milan during Salone del Mobile, 2018. The work’s architectural and sculptural form takes its cues from the symmetry and order of Milan’s famous, Neoclassical landmarks. For the presentation at HERO NYC, the installation was adapted and called the Transito: Manhattan version.

On entering the installation, the surroundings seem to become weightless as the light carries and moves you forward. The passage appears endless, as if there is no beginning or end. The colored waves of light confuse the visitor’s typical experience of space and time. One moment the installation can feel like a black hole, and at another moment you become absorbed in light. The installation generates intimations of infinity and timelessness. Accompanying the visual and spatial experience is a soundtrack composed for the glass harmonica. Only using the frequencies of the visual spectrum, the installation’s visual material gets converted into sonic matter.

Transito treats light as an element with sculptural qualities, allowing the space to dissolve into liquid architecture.

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About Children of the Light

Children of the Light are a duo of Amsterdam-based visual artists: Christopher Gabriel (1980, Oslo) and Arnout Hulskamp (1978, Amsterdam). Children of the Light create art and experiences using light as their primary material. Their multimedia practice spans performance, video, sculpture and immersive installations. Working on a deeply visceral and sensorial level, their art often evokes moments of wonder and transcendence in their audience.

Their work has been exhibited at Stedelijk Museum, Oude Kerk, TodaysArt, Day for Night, STRP Biënnale, Wuzhen Triënnale, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and the New Institute. They have collaborated with musicians and artists including Philip Glass, Darkside, Nicolas Jaar, Huerco S., and Alexander Whitley Dance Company, amongst others. Children of the Light are frequent guest teachers at institutions like the Academy for Architecture and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.


HERO NYC is an immersive experience located at the heart of Rockefeller center. Within its walls you will experience sites and sounds unlike anything else in New York City. HERO is a collaboration between several artists, composers, and producers who have combined to create a method of immersive storytelling that is unique within the world. Participating artists include: Children of the Light, Benjamin Gordon, and Aaron Taylor Kuftner. HERO’s goal is to envelop our guests with an experience that is as beautiful as it is mythic, as open-ended as it is dreamlike. Within HERO’s walls, you are the HERO, finding your way through a journey that isn’t always obvious or easy.

HERO is located on the Rink Level of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, between 49th and 50th Street and 5th and 6th Avenues. The quickest route to find HERO is to take the elevator from the street level (on 49th Street between 5th and 6th Ave) down to the rink level. Once at the Rink Level, you can find HERO on the opposite side of the skating rink with the restaurants, directly below the channel gardens.