Christel Vesters Lecture at EMPAC

7 May 2014 — 7 May 2014
110 8th Street, Troy, NY, United States Troy (MI)
#lecture #visual-art

Wednesday May 7, 11am Christel Vesters (Mondriaan Fund Curator-in-Residence at CCS Bard) will give a lecture at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center – EMPAC

In her lecture, Christel Vesters will reflect on the concept of ‘visual art as knowledge’ and the idea of art as resistant knowledge, or, as the South African art historian Sarat Maharaj formulates it, art generating its own epistemological map. The lecture will explore different examples in which artists and other cultural producers over the years have challenged the dominant ideas around knowledge and knowledge production, especially those projects that adopt or imitate the structures, systems and devices of ‘official’ knowledge systems and tweak, question or subvert their ‘canonical’ status, whilst at the same time proposing an alternative.

Christel Vesters

About Christel Vesters

Christel Vesters is an art historian, writer and curator based in Amsterdam and London. Christel studied art history and curating in Amsterdam, New York and London, and holds an MA in Art History from the University in Amsterdam. Christel recently started her PhD at the Royal College of Art in London on the subject of contemporary art and the representation and production of alternative art knowledge systems. Christel is currently the MondriaanFund curator at Bard College, Center for Curatorial Studies.