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Close Act Theatre & Tent at La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival 

@ Birdman by Close Act Theatre, Courtesy of ClickRickPhotography

Thu, Apr 27 - Sun, Apr 30  2023

La Jolla Playhouse - San Francisco Consulate Region

The Playhouse’s Without Walls (WOW) Festival is an annual event featuring local and international artists in vibrant, interactive experiences that amplify the energy of the community. WOW performances take place outside the confines of a traditional theatre space. Dutch acts Birdman by Close Act Theatre and 360 by Tent will be part of this innovative festival. Find more information here and here.

About the acts

Birdmen features three gigantic, stilt-walking puppets resembling birds from prehistoric times as they roam amongst spectators, capturing imaginations and delighting everyone with their antics. Their illuminated bodies react to their environment as they move in a synchronized mission through the crowd. Funded in The Netherlands in 1991 by Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts, Close-Act Theatre specializes in large-scale, interactive performances.

360 invites thirty audience members to take a seat on one of the rolling stools and be a player in this moving composition, or enjoy the show from the sidelines. With unexpected turns and new directional cues, the script and group dynamics change — nothing is fixed in this fluid acrobatic spectacle. Directed by Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer & Hanneke Meijers, performed by Will Blenkin & Samuel Rhyner.

About the event

Without Walls (WOW) productions offer a dizzying array of interactive and site-inspired theatre. Full of diverse offerings, WOW shows have one thing in common – they are an invitation to reimagine what theatre can be through intriguing and playful experiences.

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