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Collective Paper Aesthetics project at Art Center Sarasota

Noa Haim’s Collective Paper Aesthetics project at Art Center Sarasota until June 26

Thu, May 21 - Fri, Jun 26  2015

Art Center Sarasota - Miami Consulate Region

Noa Haim‘s Collective Paper Aesthetics modular units will be on view in a community project at Art Center Sarasota until June 26.

About the Project

Haim created the Collective Paper Aesthetics program as a way to inspire collaboration and exploration in large groups through art. Using principles of design and engineering, Haim has created a project where room-sized installations can be created out of various three-dimensional paper forms. Community members will be able to come in to the Art Center during designated times to get a short lesson on creating the components, and begin constructing the pieces. When it comes time for the exhibit to be installed, the exhibitions curator and a team of volunteers will erect a free-form structure from the pieces created during the months preceding the installation. The installation can be continually added to by community members throughout the exhibit. Walk in and add a piece. 

About Noa Haim

Noa Haim (Jerusalem, 1975) master of advanced architecture, designer, journalist and contributing editor, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she graduated The Berlage Institute (2004). Thesis title: Vertical Kibbutz published in Emerging Technologies and Housing Prototypes 2007 Black dog publishers. In her work though various International architectural firms: M. Fuksas (Rome) Monolab (Rotterdam) Jose Maria Torres Nadal (Murcia), Altoon + Porter (Amsterdam) and VHP (Rotterdam), she specialized in the field of Mixed-use and urban strategies.

Since January 2009 Noa Haim is running her independent multidisciplinary studio working with cultural patrons as Arcam, Amsterdam Triennale Bovisa, Milano and Danish design centre, Copenhagen as well as with entities like imm cologne, Köln and Euromold, Frankfurt.

The work Collective Paper Aesthetics is one of the Entry winners in Dezeen x Design Association container design competition, and will be exhibited during Tokyo Design Week from October 28^th until November 3^rd . Previously her work received Honorable mention from Seoul Design Festival 2009. Competition was organized by and Along with runner-up in Recycling design prize 2009 organized by and in Made in Mecaf organized by

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