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Constant Dullaart & JODI at Postmasters Gallery, NYC

Constant Dullaart & JODI in group show ‘Casting a Wide Net’ at Postmasters Gallery

Sat, Nov 30 - Sat, Jan 18  2014

Postmasters Gallery - New York Consulate Region

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present ‘Casting a Wide Net’ a cross-generational exhibition of artists who work in the technology-aware environment we all inhabit. Opening reception on Saturday, November 30, 2013, 6-8pm. On view until January 18, 2014. The show brings together legendary artists from the early pioneering days of media art (Olia Lialina, JODI, Wolfgang Staehle); artists like Eva and Franco Mattes, Constant Dullaart, and Oliver Laric who have been working and showing internationally for many years; and a new generation of younger artists just gaining wider recognition (Petra Cortright, Katie Torn, Austin Lee and Rollin Leonard).

The show will present works on screens and off. Among them:
Summer, a net project by Olia Lialina, a print version of Jennifer in Paradise by Constant Dullaart, a new video of JODI abusing a soft LED screen the way only JODI can; a historic “Nikeplatz” print by Eva and Franco Mattes, along with their brand new project; a table sculpture by Oliver Laric; and paintings by Austin Lee and Petra Cortright.

This exhibition runs concurrent with the solo show ‘Rafael Rozendaal: Everything You See Is In The Past‘.

A note from Postmasters Gallery:
The alternative title for “casting the wide net” could be “the last picture show,” as this indeed will be our final group exhibition focusing on net and digital-related art. No more. It’s time to replace isolation by integration. Postmasters has a rich history of showing works in all media from watercolors to software art. We are medium-neutral but have always tried to champion artists who seek new forms of creative expression and works that are reflective of their time. It can be argued that today all artists engage technology in one way or another. It is time to integrate and leave behind the labels of media artist, new media artist, digital artist, internet artist, post-internet artist, and such. Just ARTIST will do. We will leave the historic media-based retrospectives to institutions.

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