2019 Design Triennial by Cooper Hewitt and Cube Design Museum

10 May 2019 — 20 January 2020
2 East 91st Street, New York City, New York, Verenigde Staten New York City, New York

Cooper Hewitt and the Netherlands-based Cube Design Museum (Kerkrade) are co-organizing the Nature‒Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, to be on view simultaneously at both museums. It will present more than 60 of the most forward-thinking, provocative designs of the past three years that demonstrate how designers are collaborating with scientists, artists, environmentalists, and others to develop solutions that embrace a more responsible, harmonious relationship with nature. Seven Dutch designers are included: Aliki van der Kruijs, Atelier NL, Eric Klarenbeek, Kirstie van Noort, Nienke Hoogvliet, Shahar Livne, and Teresa van Dongen. “Nature” will address the ways designers are exploring sustainable production methods, identifying new ways for protecting future generations and deepening the understanding of, and relationship with, nature. Areas of innovation include synthetic biology, data visualization, urban agriculture and alternative materials research.

“The theme of Cooper Hewitt’s Design Triennial aligns very well with Cube’s mandate: to show design that impacts our world, as well as design for human needs and ambition. Working side by side, we have gathered thought-provoking projects from around the globe, and look forward to engaging Cube’s audiences on this vital issue.” Hans Gubbels, director of Cube


Cooper Hewitt is America’s design museum. Inclusive, innovative and experimental, the museum’s dynamic exhibitions, education programs, master’s program, publications and online resources inspire, educate and empower people through design. An integral part of the Smithsonian Institution—the world’s largest museum and research complex—Cooper Hewitt is located on New York City’s Museum Mile in the historic, landmark Carnegie Mansion. Steward of one of the world’s most diverse and comprehensive design collections—over 210,000 objects that range from an ancient Egyptian faience cup dating to about 1100 BCE to contemporary 3D-printed objects and digital code—Cooper Hewitt welcomes everyone to discover the importance of design and its power to change the world. Cooper Hewitt knits digital into experiences to enhance ideas, extend reach beyond museum walls, and enable greater access, personalization, experimentation and connection. In 2018, the London Design Biennale awarded a medal to Cooper Hewitt for its presentation “Face Values,” an immersive installation that explores the pervasive but often hidden role of facial-detection technology in contemporary society.

“Conceived at the start of a new millennium, Cooper Hewitt’s Triennial series brings a global view of design to the United States to inform conversations on a broad range of issues. The 2019 Triennial will confront humanity’s biggest challenge yet—climate change—and asks all of us to reevaluate our relationship with nature. Opening the Triennial simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic will amplify that message and paves the way for leaders and communities from all sectors to engage with design in this important dialogue.” Caroline Baumann, director of Cooper Hewitt


Cube design museum is the first museum in the Netherlands that is entirely dedicated to the design process. Cube exhibits design with content; design that has an impact on the world. A visit to Cube provides insight into the process of design and inspires and stimulates active thinking about how the world around us is designed. Cube not only presents exhibitions of leading international and Euregional design, but also functions as a multidisciplinary laboratory, where visitors work on innovative product design together with students and designers.

Design according to Cube

For centuries, humanity has been shaping the world, developing objects, applications, and services that keep us dry, nourished, healthy, safe, and satisfied. Innovation – driven by large and small needs and the desire to control life as much as possible – is constantly producing new products, services, and applications. According to Cube, it is precisely these products, which have been developed on the basis of a human need, a desire, and an urge, that make the difference in the world.