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Daytona Starsky New Single and Video GASOLINE  Out Now!

screenshot of Daytona Starsky’s website, featuring new video Gasoline


Wed, May 5 - Mon, May 31  2021

Daytona Starsky Shares New Single “GASOLINE”  with Under the Radar

Out Now Via Brooklyn Label Super Fine Audio

Dutch-born, Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Daytona Starsky has remained unpredictable and unconcerned with genre boundaries, pulling from hip hop, psych rock, and electronica for a vibrant mix of styles. However, his latest work finds Starsky more entrenched than ever in the accessibility of the pop world as he builds towards his debut record. Starsky has already shared his first release from the project, the futuristic electro-pop of “SUPRALOVE” and he’s now debuting its second single, “GASOLINE,” which just premiered with Under the Radar Mag.

Watch the video here:

Gasoline has been a long time in the making. I think I came up with the initial bassline and drum sequence early last year or so, it was a completely different thing back then and I was never quite satisfied with what it was. I even performed an early version at a show at the Knitting Factory and noticed that the crowd really liked the movement, so I tried to keep that part of the identity of the song intact by making it even groovier and rhythmic.

Daytona Starsky in Vents Magazine, read the full interview here.

About Daytona Starsky

Dutch born and Brooklyn adopted, multi-instrumentalist Daytona Starsky is an artist and record-producer who’s musical influence is rooted primarily in Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop, with elements of Psychedelia and Electronica intertwined. His latest release “Supralove” is a funky bass-driven tune that explores the relationship between humanity and technology using the structure of a classic love-song, detailing “the trifecta of technology, the future, and humanity”. With themes running from downloading one’s mind into a computer to not needing the ‘thinking machine’ inside his head anymore. In the midst Covid-19 Pandemic, “Many of us were forced into a different approach in life the past year and I tried to use that time to recalibrate and think of the path ahead.” Having entered the digital age, rapid advancements in technology and A.I. are causing jobs to be replaced with computers and robots. Even the artists’ landscape is continuously changing and it seems that most are playing catch-up. One of the questions looming in Starsky’s mind was “if this trend continues, will artists too eventually be replaced by computers?” In his opinion, we have to ensure that the artist’s position is not one of catching up but rather leading the trend even in the most volatile of times, stating that “innovations often originate from the fringes and artists still control that zone. As long as we keep innovating we won’t go obsolete, as soon as we do; the chances are greater.”

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