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Death Alley on US Tour

The rock’n’roll veterans of Death Alley are coming to the United States from August 19 until September 3!

Fri, Aug 19 - Sat, Sep 3  2016

Fresh from the basements of Amsterdam arrives a band with a relentless rock’n’roll statement: Death Alley is coming to the United States! 

From August 19 until September 3, Death Alley’s psychedelic mix of protopunk and metal will be performed on East and West Coast stages. From Philadelphia to Las Vegas, and from San Francisco to San Diego, the band will bring their debut “Black Magic Boogieland” to the American stage. 

In an interview with the Independent Voice, band member Dennis AKA Brother D-Bass describes Death Alley as a “modern rock band, informed by the classics, but very much in the now.” Noisey described them as “sweaty, soulful rock’n’roll veterans” making “hot new-old sounds” that are “impossible to ignore.” 

Not convinced yet?
Experience it yourself in the video below: 


About Death Alley

Death Alley is a Dutch hard rock band from Amsterdam, featuring former members of Gewapend BetonMühr and The Devil’s Blood. The four-man band was founded in 2013. In their own words, they play “old school rock’n’roll” with an edge of metal and punk. Characterized by intense drumsets and finger-twisting guitar aerobics, Death Alley has an unique, raw, and swinging authencity. They have performed at festivals like Roadburn, Scumbash, Speedfest and Noorderslag, and in 2015 their debut album “Black Magick Boogieland” was released on Tee Pee Records. 

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