Diet Wiegman

11 April 2015 — 31 October 2015

Introducing ‘Second Nature’, an array of artist installations, some larger than life, each one telling stories of endangered animals through the use of recycled, reduced, reused, repurposed and renewed materials.

Renowned Dutch visual artist and shadow-art pioneer Diet Wiegman will take part in the group exhibition ‘Second Nature’ initiated by the Philadelphia ZOO, opening April 11. In Second Nature, 12 international artists recycle, reuse and repurpose everyday materials into amazing works of animal-inspired sculpture. From a totemic 13-foot-tall blue gorilla sculpted entirely of recycled car parts to a 175-pound rhinoceros made of serving plates; from a menacing five-foot-long alligator molded from (brace yourself) chewing gum. Diet Wiegman has created an evocative primate shadow-sculpture composed by casting a beam of light on a pile of discarded electronics with a stunning result. Each of the artistic installations in Second Nature will unleash the creative imaginations of the artists to forge a connection between human behavior and animal endangerment through larger-than-life works of art. The art and artists of Second Nature will engage, amaze and inspire so that reducing, reusing and recycling become Second Nature to all of us.