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DJ Duo Detroit Swindle USA tour

From March 17 until 26, the DJ duo Detroit Swindle is touring through the USA.

Thu, Mar 17 - Sat, Mar 26  2016

From March 17 until 26 the DJ duo Detroit Swindle will tour through the USA. They’re bringing most of their studio gear overseas, including the additional member Lorenz Rhode from Germany on the keys, and as said this has never been done in the States. Detroit Swindle will improvise a lot on stage, this way their live show is always different and up to date as they perform their latest music. The end result is a uniquely live aural experience. Like a well-performed DJ set, a one-time-only result of sound science. Detroit Swindle have been playing live shows right from the start, and have expanded their setup ever since. This USA tour is an extensive setup of analog and digital instruments.

About Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle was formed in 2011 by Lars Dales (1981) and Maarten Smeets (1982). It all started after Lars – who was programming a few nightclubs in Amsterdam – had to fire Maarten for playing too much underground music. They started talking and found out they had a mutual love for Motown, hip-hop and early house music. Not long after, they started making music together and the rest as they say, is history.

When trying to define their ‘success’, it’s hard to pin it down to just one thing. Perhaps it’s their talent to find that typical groove that has been so widely acclaimed. Or maybe it’s their ability to connect musical styles spanning over more than 5 decades (and continents) into their sets and productions in such a way that you’re always curious to hear what comes next. Or could it be because they’re always on the move, searching for that new thing to challenge themselves in their productions and live sets. Whatever it is, it’s keeping them rather busy.

Not surprisingly, staying busy is exactly what they’re doing with their label, Heist Recordings. Maarten and Lars are constantly on the look out for new music and that one promising artist that they feel needs to be heard. Though Heist saw it’s very first EP only back in 2013, it already has become the go-to label for many A-list dj’s. It has released a wide variety of exciting EP’s by a.o. Fouk, Max Graef, Brame & Hamo, M.ono, Frits Wentink, M.ono, Andy Hart and of course Detroit Swindle themselves. They’re working hard to give Heist that unique edge with the artists they work with, the artwork they put forward and the special projects they have on the label such as the yearly Roundup EP, a tradition where every artist of that year remixes another artist, effectuated by the luck of the draw.

Apart from Heist Recordings, Detroit Swindle have released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classics, Dirt Crew (where they released their well received debut album ‘Boxed Out’), Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory and many more. This includes notable remixes for Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. and Romanthony’s track ‘Too Long’ produced by Daft Punk.

The boys are as much enthusiastic record diggers and synth hunters as they are lovers of modern day electronic music. With their position as curators of the Amsterdam house playlist for 22tracks they share their love for house music. This also goes for their own club night: ‘The Great Escape’, where they get to invite some of their favourite artists as well as young talent. The concept of ‘The Great Escape’ started out at Amsterdam’s Studio 80, but soon after made it’s way all over Europe with showcases in Paris, Leeds and London.


Touring dates

March 17 – U Street Music Hall, Washington
March 18 – The Good Room, New York

March 19 – Last Resort, Miami
March 25 – Outspoken, Los Angeles
March 26 – Verso Club, San Fransisco
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