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Documentary ‘The W.I.N.D. House’ at the NY Architecture&Design Film Festival On Oct 15 and 17, Directed by A.P. Komen and Karen Murphy Present

A documentary about Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) in the process of designing a single family house

Thu, Oct 15 - Thu, Oct 15  2015

Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea - New York Consulate Region

On October 15 and 17, the documentary ‘The W.I.N.D. House’, directed by A.P. Komen and Karen Murphy, will be screened at the NY Architecture&Design Film Festival. This documentary follows the process of designing a single family house in the Netherlands and details the relationship between the architect Ben van Berkel, founder of UNStudio, and the couple who have commissioned him to design their dream home. Through interviews with these three protagonists you see how the conceptual and practical desires of the client are translated into architectural solutions and how all three respond to the results of this collaboration. For tickets, click HERE

About UNStudio

UNstudio, is a Dutch architectural design studio specializing in architecture and urban development and infrastructural projects, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos. The name, UNStudio, stands for United Network Studio, referring to the collaborative nature of the practice. In 2009 UNStudio Asia was established, with its first office located in Shanghai, China. UNStudio Shanghai is a full daughter of UNStudio and is intricately connected to UNStudio Amsterdam. Initially serving to facilitate the design process for the Raffles City project in Hangzhou, UNStudio Shanghai has expanded into a full-service design office with a multinational team of all-round and specialist architects. In 2014 we opened our third office in Hong Kong.

About the Architecture & Design Film Festival 

The Architecture & Design Film Festival, celebrates the unique creative spirit that drives architecture and design. With a curated selection of films, events and panel discussions, ADFF creates an opportunity to entertain, engage and educate all types of people who are excited about architecture and design. With well-attended screenings, legendary panelists, vibrant discussions and events in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, it has grown into the nation’s largest film festival devoted to the subject. The ADFF also programs for international film festivals as well as cultural institutions and private venues. From October 13 until October 18, the Film Festival will take place in several venues in New York City. For info and tickets, click HERE


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