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Double Play Screens at Museum of the African Diaspora

Wed, Jul 24 - Wed, Jul 24  2019

Museum of the African Diaspora and the Consulate General of the Netherlands present: Double Play (Ernest Dickerson, 2017,  130 minutes).

After many years living in Amsterdam, Ostrik, a middle-aged doctor, returns to his birthplace, the former Dutch colony of Curaçao. Picturesque childhood memories flood back about his irresponsible, if charming, taxi driver father Bubu, Bubu’s domino playing friends (thus the title “double play”) and the women who endure them. An international cast (including Louis Gossett, Jr. and Isaach de Bankolé), gorgeous imagery of the luscious island,  and upbeat music bring this sensuous comedy/drama of Curaçaoan identity and social reality to life.  This Bay Area premiere is for mature audiences.

This is the Bay Area premiere of Double Play. Producer Lisa Cortés will introduce the film and lead a post-screening discussion. This program is Co-Presented by the Consulate General of the Netherlands

Caribbean in Motion: A Film Series

With a combined population of 45 million making up .6% of the earth’s population, the Caribbean has an impact well beyond those numbers. It is far more than a tourist destination. This film series –  a combination of documentaries and fiction narratives – examines the various legacies of a region known for its history of slavery, colonialism and migration but the films also reveal the beauty, fierce resistance, regional interconnections, its internationalism, dexterity of its language(s) and its vibrant music.

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