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Download the Puzzling Poetry App this April: National Poetry Month

Puzzling Poetry

@ ©Letterenfonds, Studio Louter

Tue, Apr 13 - Fri, Apr 30  2021

National Poetry Month and the Puzzling Poetry App

April is National Poetry Month, which is a perfect time to start getting creative with poetry! What about a game that unlocks new poems, translated from the Dutch into English?

It’s available now, for children as part of the Never Grow Up! program and for adults too. Developed by Studio Louter and the Dutch Foundation for Literature, this drag-and-drop game named Puzzling Poetry (Treasure Chest), color has been drained from the world. Download the app in the apple app store or follow this link to download the app for your other devices.

Screenshot of a webpage with images of a mobile phone and an iPad that display the use of the Puzzling Poetry App through colorful blocks and random words

Puzzling Poetry app, courtesy of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Studio Louter

About Puzzling Poetry

Piece the poems back together and bring color back to the world by completing all the levels along the way. Puzzling Poetry Treasure Chest is an addictive drag-and-drop game where the world has lost its color. It is the player’s job to bring the coloor back by piecing together the poems. Read and solve poems by twelve well-known Dutch poets, including Annie M.G. Schmidt. After completing all the tasks, you also get the chance to create your own poem. Puzzling Poetry Treasure Chest stimulates vocabulary, creativity and reading comprehension in children and therefore provides a useful contribution to lessons. The game has been developed by Studio Louter and Lucas Hirsch in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Creative Industries Fund NL. Ted van Lieshout, the Schrijverscentrale and education professionals have also made creative contributions to the quality of the app’s design.


Content Design
Studio Louter & Lucas Hirsch

Interactive Media Production
Studio Louter

Funded by
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Nederlands Letterenfonds


Erik van Os, Elle van Lieshout, Annie M.G. Schmidt, Ted van Lieshout, Edward van de Vendel, Hans Hagen, Monique Hagen, Jaap Robben, Linda Vogelesang, Joke van Leeuwen, Bart Moeyaert, Geert de Kockere, Bette Westera, Kate Schlingemann

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