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Dutch Artist Konstantin Mindadze at FLAG Gallery in NJ

Konstantin Mindadze, Hexane, 2019, Oil Paint with Amber on Acrylic on Seven Circular Shaped Linen Units, Dimension Overall 91x75x2 inches

Fri, Nov 8 - Fri, Nov 15  2019

Nine on the Hudson Penthouse - New York Consulate Region

Dutch-Georgian Artist Konstantin Mindadze at FLAG Gallery in West New York, NJ

FLAG Art Group will open its exhibition “All Media, All Cultures – Beyond Cultural Identities” tomorrow with an opening reception at Nine on the Hudson from 7-10 PM. The exhibition will run from November 8th – November 15th at the FLAG Gallery in West New York, NJ. The exhibition will feature the work of a multicultural group of artists and seeks to explore the vibrant array of creative talent in the area, and will also feature live music from a range of classical, jazz, bossa nova and alternative musicians. Dutch-Georgian multimedia artist Konstantin Mindadze is amongst the artists on display.

About Konstantin Mindadze (by Doug Rizio, Writer and Creative Director for FLAG)

Georgian-Netherlandish multimedia artist Konstantin Mindadze employs a variety of materials in his work to create large installations featuring visual, auditory and other sensory experiences.

Originally from the country of Georgia, Konstantin Mindadze studied at Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, both visual art and design schools in the country of The Netherlands. In Amsterdam, Konstantin is a member of the Artists and Curators association Arti et Amicitiae, and in Goergia, Mindadze was a founder of the Contemporary Art Industry or CAI. The artist currently lives and works between the Dutch city of Amsterdam and the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Konstantin Mindadze uses various mediums throughout his art pieces, combining individual paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos to create expansive projects that are frequently installed in large-scale facilities. Occasionally working with audio as well, Mindadze temporarily becomes a sound artist for the sake of imbuing his environmental installations with an added layer of dimensionality. Konstantin has an interest in observing the changes of the things in the real world around him, sometimes modifying the aesthetics or configurations of his creations to reflect the parallel transformations and transitory nature of his own life’s experiences.

Mindadze’s original inception as an artist began with the demolition of the works he made during his studies. Konstantin constantly analyzes several dualistic topics throughout his work: the synthetic structure of the world, reactions in the realms of both biology and psychology, the cycle of life and death, existence and transience, love and loss, destruction and transformation, the role of advancing technology in increasing globalization, fears and religions, consumerism and commercialism, historical facts and processes of decay are all the basic themes to which the artist often returns.

Konstantin’s signature and ongoing series “fragmentations” relates to the issues of creation and destruction and creates an endless series of fragments composed of different types of materials. This series is based on philosophical ideals which strive to create Equilibrium and a kind of balance with minimalist shapes. Formed by differently configured fractured planes, the textures together create a work which is performed with the utmost precision and perceived by the artist as sculptural objects. Fragmented planes represent a continuation of one another, the distance between them and the empty spaces participating in the creation of the complete look of the artwork.

In the last few years the artist has created environmental installations for several long-term exhibitions presented in various exhibition spaces and major museums, in places such as Georgia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States.

Art by Konstantin Mindadze, courtesy of the artist and FLAG Art Group

Art by Konstantin Mindadze, courtesy of the artist and FLAG Art Group

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