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Dutch artists at SXSW 2024

@ Still from "Wander to Wonder," courtesy of SXSW

Fri, Mar 8 - Sat, Mar 16  2024

From March 8 - March 16, the multidisciplinary festival SXSW takes places in Austin, Texas! This year, multiple Dutch projects in several cultural disciplines will partake.

The yearly March event is a must-visit for professionals worldwide, offering a plethora of activities including sessions, music and comedy showcases, film and television screenings, top-notch exhibitions, opportunities for professional growth and networking, tech competitions, awards ceremonies, and beyond. At this year’s edition, several Dutch artists will partake in different disciplines:


Wander to Wonder by Nina Gantz, March 9 & 13

Beautiful Men by Nicolas Keppens, March 9 & 13

Immersive VR/XR Projects

Songs for a Passerby by Celine Daemen

Soulpaint by Monobanda

Fiera Del Suono by Dropstuff Media

The Imaginary Friend by Studio Biarritz


Iris Jean

Library Card

Nagasaki Swim




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