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Dutch children’s films at Belmont World Film’s Family Festival

Angel – film by Dennis Bots

Fri, Jan 15 - Sun, Jan 24  2021

Dutch children’s films at Belmont World Film’s Family Festival

Belmont World Film’s Family Festival is a must-attend event for families with children ages 3-12, offering some of the world’s most significant films for children that provide a window into the lives of children around the world as well as filmmaking workshops that will entertain and enrich your children’s lives. Since most films are based on international children’s books and feature subtitles, it helps children develop a love of books and helps increase reading fluency.

Three Dutch children’s films have been selected for the 2021 edition of the festival and are supported by the Never Grow Up! focus program on Dutch film, literate and performing arts for young audiences.
The films are recommended for age 8+


On her way home from school, an introverted and slightly clumsy 11 year-old named Angel trips and braces herself for a rough landing, but instead finds herself floating in a beautiful bubble. When the bubble bursts and she falls gently to the ground, she finds a beautiful gold watch, which makes all makes all the things she wishes for come true! Suddenly Angel becomes incredibly popular, but at what cost?Angel

Jackie & Oopjen

While wandering around after hours at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, where her mom is a curator, 12 year-old Jackie discovers that Oopjen, one of the subjects of Rembrandt’s famous paintings, has suddenly come to life. Oopjen is looking for her long lost sister whose portrait, painted by an unknown painter, is lost. Jackie hides Oopjen in her bedroom and secretly helps search for the portrait so the two sisters can be reunited. For this woman from the 17th century, the modern world is a great adventure; hilarity ensues. And Jackie, who doesn’t really have any friends at school, finally gains a true BFF.

Summer with Rana

When her journalist mother has to cover the war in Syria, a 10 year-old girl spends the summer living at her grandmother’s house in the Dutch countryside. There she meets Rana, a fascinating girl living in a nearby refugee camp. It turns out they have much more in common than just their favorite ice cream flavor, as they help each other get through the summer.

film still Summer with Rana

Online festival experience

This year’s festival takes place completely online, enabling audience members to view these wonderful films in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Most film programs are available for viewing throughout the entire US, whereas others are limited together New England or Massachusetts.

Once you start a film, you will have 48 hours to finish it. All but three film programs are available for streaming for the full 10 days—Friday, January 15 at 10 AM to Sunday, January 24 at 7 PM. The only other timed events are the workshops and the Q&As with filmmakers. Space is limited in the workshops, so make sure you sign up in advance.

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