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Dutch Design Yearbook 2015 in US End February

At the end of this month, nai010 publishers’ “Dutch Design Yearbook 2015” will be available in the US.

Thu, Feb 4 - Thu, Feb 4  2016

At the end of this month, nai010 publishers’ “Dutch Design Yearbook 2015” will be available in the US. 

Dutch Design Yearbook 2015

Dutch Design Yearbook

The “Dutch Design Yearbook” offers an attractively designed survey of about 60 of the best designs that were produced in the Netherlands in 2014-2015 in the fields of spatial design, product design, and graphic design. 

Dutch Design Yearbook 2015

Design is seduction and function, beauty and intellect. The Dutch Design Yearbook represents that breadth in the design of the past year with important designs and current events. The Yearbook features all of the nominations for the Dutch Design Awards 2015, a selection of the best Dutch designs in the fields of spatial design, product design, communication and design research. In addition, leading critics analyze the most talked-about debates and events, and three essays address topical themes: 

  1. Sander Manse makes the case for the development of a distinctive vocabulary for the design disciplines, especially in light of social changes that necessitate a new approach to the design discipline.
  2. Saskia van Stein discusses the Rotterdam Metabolists, a group of young design and architecture practices that are contributing in radical ways to a new ecology of the environment.
  3. Timo de Rijk writes a short history of bad taste to real taste, culminating in an analysis of the lifestyle of the inescapable hipster. 

New Layout and Design

Dutch Design Yearbook 2015

The layout and design of the Dutch Design Yearbook have been rigorously overhauled in this edition. The number and size of essays, project texts and accompanying illustrations has remained virtually unchanged, however Glamcult Studio was given free rein to ensure a completely new design of the Yearbook and merits particular attention. Glamcult Studio chose an encyclopaedic setup, involving a guide-book-like look and a substantively random yet functionally very clear alphabetical order of texts and projects. The Yearbook opens with the essays – as a reader’s guide to the rest of the book. The differences in the texts are expressed in fonts and formatting. To emphasize the topicality of the Yearbook, the designers have chosen Akzo Nobel’s 2015 color of the year, copper orange C9.21.58, as inspiration for the spot color. The Dutch Design Yearbook 2015 is sure to appeal to a wide (international) audience with an interest in Dutch design, as well as to (interior) architect, designers, studios and the industry. 

nai010 Publishers

“Dutch Design Yearbook” is published by nai010 publishers, which specializes in developing, publishing and distributing books in the fields of architecture, urbanism, art and design. Resulting from the merger of NAi Publishers and 010 Publishers as of July 2012, nai010 publishers is the largest internationally orientated Dutch publisher in the fields of architecture, art, photography and design.

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