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Dutch Designers, Artists & Gallery at Collective Design Fair during NYCxDESIGN

From May 4-8, a Dutch gallery, and several Dutch designers will be present at Collective Design Fair during NYCxDESIGN

Wed, May 4 - Sun, May 8  2016

Skylight Clarkson SQ

From May 4 until May 8, a Dutch gallery, and several Dutch designers and artists will be represented at Collective Design Fair in New York City. Take your time, and explore exquisite craftmanship in a varying amount of objects, and techniques. From jewelry to glass and ceramic design, there is something Dutch for everyone at this year’s Collective Design Fair.

Frederieke Taylor Gallery

Frederieke Taylor Gallery has a history of showing design, architecture and installation, as well as traditional media of painting and sculpture. At Collective, the gallery presents Dutch artist Pauline Wiertz, American sculptor Jackie Ferrara and architect Christian Wassman

Pauline Wiertz

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Pauline Wiertz creates fantastical porcelain sculptures recast from foundobjects and discarded ceramics that suggest the prized treasures found in the “Wunderkammer” of collectors of centuries past. Her art is drawn from an impulse to collect the extraordinary and mysterious. By combining a vast array of materials, Wiertz uses the post-modern concept of bricolage to expose thediscrepancies and contradictions of contemporary life.

Ornamentum Gallery

Founded in 2002, Ornamentum Gallery exhibits a dynamic collection of contemporary jewelry as well as related objects, artworks and furniture. Ornamentum hosts numerous exhibitions yearly in one of the world’s largest gallery spaces dedicated almost exclusively to contemporary jewelry, where featured designers and artists display their work in conceptual installations. 

Ornamentum will present works by Dutch artists Jantje Fleischhut, Ted Noten, and Phillip Sajet, among others.

Jantje Fleischut

Silver, sponge, resin, foam, aluminum, found plastic: the work of Jantje Fleischhut conjures a winter picnic served along a postindustrial seaside. Judiciously mixing precious and nonprecious materials, Fleischhut honors a piece of plastic picked up on the beach with the same care and consideration she might bestow upon a chunk of amethyst or topaz. 

Ted Noten

Since 2005, Dutch jewelry designer Ted Noten has broadened his repertoire to include furniture and art installations. His eponymous Amsterdam atelier (abbreviated ATN) is beloved worldwide for its wry and irreverent design objects. Many of ATN’s designs subvert the appearance and context of luxury goods, like acrylic designer bags with treasures (pistols, lizards, rings) trapped inside. 

Phillip Sajet

Philip Sajet is a thoroughbred jewellery designer. He makes jewellery for the sake of jewellery, and cannot be accused of straying into other design fields or art forms. All his work attests to an awareness that, as a high-profile contemporary jewellery designer, he is making a contribution to the incredibly long history of jewellery – no more and certainly no less. 

Etage Projects

Etage Projects is a gallery situated in the centre of Copenhagen’s art district. It provides a platform for designers, artists and architects who challenges traditional practice of craftsmanship and functionality. The gallery is committed to working with interdisciplinary creatives who actively question received models of practice and exhibition. Through this, Etage Projects intends to enrich and broaden the definitions of art, architecture and design.

During Collective, Etage Projects will present Dutch designers Sabine Marcelis, and Luuk van den Broek among others. 

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch/New Zealand designer based in Rotterdam. Marcelis sees her designs as experiences and strives to create a dialogue between the object and the user. The aesthetic core of her work is informed by the function of the selected materials.

Luuk van den Broek

Luuk van den Broek’s projects operate between the field of craftsmanship and industrial design, intuitively looking for the deepest color, the most logical connection or the most compelling composition. His work translates the exploration of moments in time through material, color, and personal experience.

J. Lohmann Gallery

J. Lohmann Gallery specializes in contemporary studio works of art by widely recognized and highly talented emerging artists. In addition, the gallery presents a collection of 20th century design with an emphasis on European designers and artists. Exceptional design and excellent craftsmanship combined with the quality and texture of materials are essential, and J. Lohmann Gallery carefully chooses every item taking these principles into consideration. 

Barbara Nanning

Barbara Nanning was born in 1957 in Den Haag, and studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. She is both a ceramist and a glass artist and has had many solo and group exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad. The oeuvre of Barbara Nanning is organic in form, and gives expression to the natural course of life. It can be seen as a continuum of objects that are classified into groups, as if species and families. 

About Collective Design Fair

Collective Design engages a diverse range of global voices and expertise to create a compelling discourse on 20th and 21st century design. It is guided by a passionate group of industry leaders, including designers, architects, gallerists, and collectors, under the direction of its founder, architect Steven Learner. Active in the creative community throughout the year, Collective Design focuses its shared knowledge during its annual fair in New York City, which showcases the latest in design thinking and innovation. 

Collective Design is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life. During the fair, it illuminates both the design process and the diversity of today’s material culture, originating a robust series of conversations and education programs to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build a growing audience for collectible design.

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