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Dutch Designers Redefine Waste at Kingpins Show NYC

@ Lola x Roxy

Wed, Jun 12 - Thu, Jun 13  2019

basketball city - New York Consulate Region

Dutch designers Lola x Roxy are collaborating with denim manufacturer Soorty to combat waste in the garment industry. Their collaboration will be shown at the denim Kingpins Show in New York.


About Soorty

Soorty is a family of engineers and designers at heart who need to communicate the possibility of crafting with sustainable innovation. Soorty is envisioning a new business model for the future of the denim industry; bringing the uniquely crafted engineering expertise together with contemporary communication tools that see, hear and reflect the consumers’ true needs, options, wants and desires. Our understanding of sustainability is based on co-creating possibilities for radical responsibility. We are committed to disrupting the denim industry.

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