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Dutch DJ Bakermat performs in New York and Boston

Image: Courtesy of Marty Marn

Fri, Jun 16 - Sat, Jun 17  2023

Bakermat is the stage and performing name of Lodewijk Fluttert, a Dutch DJ and producer. His music combines dance, soul, jazz, funk and pop. Although his productions are diverse, their feel-good sound always binds them together. In the past ten years, Bakermat has collected well over a billion streams on DSP’s, numerous 5000+ sold out shows and over 40 gold, platinum and diamond certifications all over the globe. Read more here.

Performance schedule

June 16 – New York City, Sunset Park Rooftop – Afterparty
June 16 – New York City, Circle Line Cruises, Pier 83
June 17 – Boston, Boat Cruise Summer Series

About Bakermat

Bakermat started to discover music in his early teens, influenced by his mother, who is an opera singer, and dad, a fan of soul, funk and jazz. Already at an early age they showed him the wonders of classical, jazz and soul music. Influences that today can still be found in his music. It all started back in 2012, when Bakermat first reached the charts with his debut-single ‘One Day (Vandaag)’. Since then he built up a loyal worldwide fan base, consisting of young people looking for something else than mainstream or underground music. Bakermat is proud to be in the grey area between these two, serving people with fresh, original and creative music without being incomprehensible or cheesy.

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