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Dutch Film ‘Littekens’ Premieres at DC Indie Film Festival

Dutch Film ‘Littekens’, directed by Martin Beek, premieres on February 28th at the DC Independent Film Festival

Sat, Feb 28 - Sat, Feb 28  2015

Dutch Film ‘Littekens’, directed by Martin Beek, premieres on February 28th at the DC Independent Film Festival.

The DC Indie Film Festival will host the U.S. premiere of the highly anticipated ‘Littekens’ (Scars) from the Netherlands on February 28th. Based on a true story, the film follows a woman escaping her grim reality who finds instead a nightmarish past. Writer/director Martin Beek weaves a haunting and compelling story of betrayal and human trafficking which calls to mind his extensive work on Steven Spielberg’s ‘Survivors of the Shoah’ visual history project.

DCIFF has been a springboard to succes for many Dutch filmmaker’s careers. After director Miriam Kruishoop’s film ‘Greencard Warriors’ won Best Feature at the festival last year, the film has had a successful American release.

‘Littekens’ is the feature film debut for director Martin Beek and co-director Patrick Huiberts. After the screening on February 28th there is a Q&A with the director.

About the Film

When Suzanne is little, her mother makes it clear that she doesn’t have a father and is conceived in a test tube. Eventually, in an emotional talk with her grandfather, the old man unravels bit by bit the truth about the identity of Suzanne’s father. Suzanne is so angry with her mother that she leaves the house after a huge row, embarking on a journey to find her father. Things do not turn out as expected.

About Martin Beek

Director Martin Beek is a traditionally schooled cinematographer who has over 25 years of experience in the field of filmmaking. Being a pioneer of computer controlled camera techniques (Motion Control and “Go Motion”) for several feature films in the ’90-s, he has shot hundreds of visual effects- and animation- sequences for Marin County VFX, Meddings Magic Camera Co and as free-lancer under the name “Marvel Visual Effects”.

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