Dutch Film MI VIDA at Santa Barbara International Film Festival


The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will take place from January 15 – 25. The Dutch film MI VIDA by Norbert ter Hall has been selected for the festival and will be screened on the 16th, 18th, and 19th.

THURSDAY – 16-Jan – 11:40 AM – METRO THEATRE 3


SUNDAY – 19-Jan – 11:20 AM – METRO THEATRE 2


MI VIDA is a story about 63-year-old Lou Welter (Loes Luca), a recently retired hairdresser who has worked hard all her life and has always taken care of her family. She decides that it is time to make her longtime dream come true; she sells her hair salon in the Netherlands and takes off to Spain to learn the language. Inspired by a new sense of freedom and encouraged by her teacher and new friend Andrea, she decides to permanently move to the seaside town of Cádiz. Just when Lou begins to believe that this new adventure is within her reach, her pregnant daughter Barbara shows up unannounced.

MI VIDA is a film about a courageous and determined 63-year-old woman who turns her lifelong dreams into reality. It is a film about a woman who puts her own happiness first and defies the expectations family or society place on us. Above all, MI VIDA is about self-discovery and relationships with friends or famil; it is a film of what we choose to make of our lives.

Still from MI VIDA, courtesy of PhantaVision


Still from MI VIDA, courtesy of PhantaVision