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Dutch filmmaker Marleine van der Werf at Symbiosis Film Festival

Still from “The living dead”, courtesy of Marleine van der Werf

Fri, Oct 25 - Fri, Oct 25  2019

Symbiosis Competitor: Dutch Filmmaker/ Visual artist Marleine van der Werf

Marleine van der Werf is a filmmaker/visual artist with a documentary practice. In her artistic research she explores how to experience the reality of someone else. Through cinema, VR and multi-sensory technology Van der Werf creates haptic experiences to challenge the understanding of the other and the self. Recurrent themes are embodiment, empathy, consciousness and perception. She collaborates with experts in the field of science, art and humanities. Her awarded projects are broadcasted and shown at art- and filmfestivals like IDFA (NL), Human Rights filmfestival (KR), FOST New York (USA) and Art Basel (CH). Together with American scientist Julia Van Etten she created a new work during the symbiosis competition this week called ‘All we are’.

Still from “All we are”, courtesy of Marleine van der Werf

The theme of the film festival is EMERGENCE
Organic life arose incidentally from basic chemical interactions. Consciousness is a product of the coordinated activity of one hundred billion neurons. This is the phenomenon of emergence, the ability of simple parts, acting together, to give rise to complicated properties unobserved in the parts alone. By this process, complexity appears spontaneously at every level of the universe, not an anomaly but a basic and deeply ingrained trait of all that exists. And on planet Earth, in 2019, this may be no small matter. Emergence may also be much more. The shoot of a plant just breaking from the ground after winter, or after nuclear winter. The end of a dark age. The beginning of a movement, of a new era. If last year’s festival sought survival, this year’s flies free, seeking the future.

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Doors 7:00 PM, show 8:00 PM.
Tickets $15 in advance, $15 at the door.
This event is mixed seated and standing room. Seats are first-come, first-served.

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