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Dutch Filmmakers featured at DC Shorts International Film Festival

Still from “Father Figure” by Bibi Fadlalla, courtesy of DC Shorts

Still from “Don’t Go to Sea” by Sander Burger, courtesy of DC Shorts

Thu, Sep 19 - Sat, Sep 28  2019

Landmark's E Street Cinema - Washington Embassy Region

About DC Shorts Film Festival

Recognized by MovieMaker Magazine, USAToday and Washington City Paper Reader’s Poll as one of the best film festivals in the world, DC Shorts champions short films and the filmmakers who create them. DC Shorts kicks off its 16th year on Thursday, September 19. With filmmakers traveling from around the globe to attend, an array of festival offerings includes panels discussions and free filmmaking workshops. Official Selection Showcases present films covering a variety of subjects in all of the main genre categories, that are from two to 30 minutes in length, and presented in 90-minute programs, with many showcases followed by filmmaker Q&A’s. This year’s films were selected from more than 1,250 submissions, and 7 Dutch films are included in the showcases.

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali by Marc Wagenaar

Twenty-year-old Wolf is living in the boxing village of the Netherlands. When he has to fight against his best friend Alexander during a weekly match, he refuses. A rematch is confirmed, which brings Wolf’s feelings and emotions to a boiling point. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.

Monday, September 23, 9:15 PM – Tickets

Nothing to Declare by Hetty de Kruijf

Three strangers who are forced to flee their homes come together in the cargo space of a truck. They fill the time on this unusual road trip by sharing their stories, hopes, and dreams.

Sunday, September 22, 5 PM – Tickets

Don’t Go to Sea by Sander Burger

When a lonely, childless man finds a balloon with a card attached to it, he grabs his chance to transfer his difficult life lessons to the unknown toddler from whom the balloon came.

Friday, September 20, 6:30 PM – Tickets

Father Figure by Bibi Fadlalla

Guilliano is the founder of the Kiki House of Angels, a Voguing community in Rotterdam. Most of its members are young black gay men who experience racism and marginalization in everyday life. This poetic collage film expresses their personal stories by combining observational scenes with Vogue dance sequences, graphic interludes and intimate interviews.

Saturday, September 21, 11 AM – Tickets

Monday, September 23, 9:15 PM – Tickets

Tuesday, September 24, 7:15 PM – Tickets

The Summer and All the Rest by Sven Bresser

Summer is coming to an end, and all but one of Marc-Antoine’s friends have left for the mainland. They all have big plans – but can Marc-Antoine break from his routine and embrace the change that has slipped unwillingly onto his perfect island life?

Sunday, September 22, 8 PM – Tickets

Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains by David Verbeek

A new phenomenon of authentic Chinese rap has taken the internet by storm. Yet lurking beyond this unexpected rise in popularity, there is a sinister struggle for freedom of speech. Rappers navigate these tricky waters after new censorship is announced.

Saturday, September 21, 9 PM – Tickets

Wednesday, September 25, 9:15 PM – Tickets

WILD by Jan Verdijk

When a father misbehaves during a weekend holiday, his surroundings will make him feel very unwelcome, while his wife and son turn against him.

Friday, September 20, 9:30 PM – Tickets

Tuesday, September 24, 7 PM – Tickets

Thursday, September 26, 9:15 PM – Tickets

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